1992 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 92 Moore Unfounded Reports Vetoed
AB 396 No Author Licensure Fees Chapter 709
AB 638 Boland Prosecution of Child Molestation after Age 18 Chapter 921, Nullified
AB 907 Burton Domestic Violence Diversion Programs Chapter 922, Nullified
AB 1405 Alpert Task Force on Pedophiles Chapter 561
AB 1687 Chacon Cultural/Religious Practices Died
AB 1765 Gotch Drug Free Zones: Child Care Centers Chapter 923, Nullified
AB 2297 Umberg Registered Sex Offenders Chapter 197
AB 2365 Bronzan Family Preservation Services Chapter 717
AB 2394 Frizzelle Social Workers: Immunity Died
AB 2471 T. Friedman Funding for Case Plans Died
AB 2647 Bates Omnibus Licensure Bill Chapter 1315
AB 2717 Connelly Penalties for Coercing Minors into Gangs Chapter 920, Nullified
AB 2719 Bentley Social Worker Reports Died
AB 2775 O'Connell Child Abuse Protection Died
AB 2930 Moore Parental Responsibilities Died
AB 2942 Archie-Hudson Open Head Buckets: Child Drownings Chapter 1076
AB 3045 Speier Safe Start Program Vetoed
AB 3079 Wyman Promotion of Pedophilia Died
AB 3156 Cannella Fingerprinting: Misdemeanors Chapter 1105
AB 3243 Bronzan Child Abuse Prevention Training Chapter 1106
AB 3316 Hayden Penalties for Involving a Minor Under Age 12 in Drugs Chapter 930, Nullified
AB 3332 McClintock Sibling Visitation Rights Chapter 665
AB 3353 Gotch Self-Admission to Youth Shelters Chapter 252
AB 3441 Speier Placement with Relatives Chapter 495
AB 3490 Peace Penalties for Furnishing Drugs to Pregnant Women Chapter 932, Nullified
AB 3491 Gotch Child Abuse: County Data Bases Chapter 316
AB 3492 Hannigan Juvenile Facilities Dropped
AB 3553 B. Friedman Court Dependents: Support Services Chapter 1307
AB 3560 B. Friedman Imprisoned Perpetrators: Visitation Chapter 1008
AB 3617 Epple Conflicts of Interest Chapter 497
AB 3633 Polanco Fatal Child Abuse and Neglect Chapter 844
AB 3663 Horcher Legal Counsel: Conflict of Interest Chapter 1327
AB 3676 Burton Penalties for Exhibiting Child Pornography to Children Chapter 933, Nullified
AB 3679 Hunter Child Abuse Prevention Programs Chapter 1122
AB 3696 B. Friedman Penalties for Repeat Domestic Violence Offenders Chapter 924, Nullified
AB 3713 Quackenbush Placement: Relatives Died
AB 3773 Conroy Criminal History Information Chapter 1227
SB 5 Presley Domestic Violence Program Funding Chapter 916, Nullified
SB 14 Lockyer Sentencing for Child Abuse Resulting in Death Chapter 917, Nullified
SB 307 Royce Foster Care: Mental Health Services Chapter 714
SB 485 No Author Budget Trailer Bill: Health & Welfare Chapter 722
SB 794 Calderon Special Needs Adoptions Vetoed
SB 804 Boatwright Child Custody: Domestic Violence Chapter 392
SB 1295 Presley Penalties for Repeat Sex Offenders Chapter 918, Nullified
SB 1308 B. Greene Licensure Suspensions Died
SB 1309 B. Greene Community Care Chief Vetoed
SB 1310 B. Greene Community Care Complaints Vetoed
SB 1311 B. Greene Licensure of Additional Facilities Chapter 570
SB 1420 Russell Dependency Mediation Program Chapter 360
SB 1445 Killea Request for a Guardian: Age Limit Chapter 1064
SB 1541 McCorquodale Custody/Visitation: Restraining Orders Chapter 1136
SB 1560 Watson Community Care Closures Vetoed
SB 1564 Watson Family Reunification: Severe Abuse Chapter 455
SB 1646 Calderon Starvation; Sexual Abuse of Siblings Chapter 382
SB 1695 Royce New Mandated Reporters Chapter 459
SB 1771 Russell Ritual Child Abuse Provisions deleted
SB 1946 B. Greene Licensure Died
SB 1947 B. Greene Fire and Panic Safety Standards Chapter 1288
SB 1948 B. Greene Community Care Evaluator/Licensee Training Vetoed
SCR 73 Presley Parenting Courses Chapter R-51

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