1992 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 880/ Proposition 152 Eastin School Bonds Chapter 12/ Passed
AB 951 Eastin Miller-Unruh Program Vetoed
AB 1112 Chacon Language Acquisition Died
AB 1263 Eastin School Site Management Vetoed
AB 1321 Wright Adult Education Reform/Expansion Chapter 1193
AB 1659 Speier Lead-Free Schools Chapter 1317
AB 1891 Woodruff Adult Education Reform/Expansion Chapter 1195
AB 1943 Lee Adult Education Reform/Expansion Chapter 1196
AB 2345 Tucker Assessment Districts Vetoed
AB 2386 Bronzan Suicide Prevention Training Chapter 545
AB 2503 Murray Effective Education Act Provisions deleted
AB 2585 Eastin Public Charter Schools Vetoed
AB 2632 Lee Suspension/Expulsion Died
AB 2755 Lee School Hate Violence Vetoed
AB 2758 Moore California Education Channel Died
AB 2774 Farr Severe Disabilities Dropped
AB 2800 Eastin Model Teacher Training Died
AB 2900 Archie-Hudson Schools: Sexual Harassment Policies Chapter 906
AB 2987 Campbell Certification: LEP Teachers Chapter 1050
AB 3144 Horcher Schoolbus Safety Chapter 624
AB 3302 Moore Nonstandard English Failed
AB 3307 Moore K-12 Master Plan Died
AB 3360 Eastin Educational Technology Died
AB 3368 Umberg Teachers: Public Offenses Chapter 272
AB 3383 Ferguson Staff: Political Activities Failed
AB 3450 Eastin Classroom Technology Failed
AB 3497 Hughes Classified Employees Died
AB 3537 Eastin Instructional Materials Vetoed
AB 3656 Umberg School Facilities: Children's Services Chapter 1224
AB 3729 Eastin Pupil Information System Died
AB 3779 Costa Private Schools: Employee Checks Chapter 1060
ACA 6 O'Connell Local School Bonds: Voter Approval Chapter R-135
ACA 46 Ferguson School Voucher System Failed
SB 34/ Proposition 155 L. Greene School Bonds Chapter 117
SB 34 L. Greene School Bonds Died
SB 171 Watson Focus Schools Chapter 1335
SB 570 Hill English Language Acquisition Failed
SB 766 No Author Budget Trailer Bill: Education Chapter 703
SB 926 Petris Pesticides: School Use Vetoed
SB 929 Hart School Restructuring Veto Chapter 854
SB 1078 Marks School Hate Violence Vetoed
SB 1114 Leonard Academic Volunteer/Mentor Program Chapter 901
SB 1267 Morgan High School Parenting Class Died
SB 1307 Watson Parenting Education: Junior High Chapter 1355
SB 1384 L. Greene Asbestos Removal Failed
SB 1422 Bergeson Teacher Support and Training Chapter 1245
SB 1448 Hart Charter Schools Chapter 781
SB 1465 Johnston Special Ed Equalization Died
SB 1510 Morgan Educational Technology Act Chapter 1309
SB 1561 Watson Health: Prenatal Care/Violence Chapter 1065
SB 1725 Killea Foster Care: Educational Advocates Chapter 811
SB 1779 Roberti K-12 Funding Veto Chapter 617
SB 1930 Hart Sexual Harassment: Students Chapter 909
SB 2026 Mello Language Minority Vetoed
SB 2033 Calderon Health of School Children Chapter 1246
SCA 30 Leonard School Voucher System Died

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