1992 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 14 Bronzan Mental Health Services: Realignment Chapter 1374
AB 321 Margolin Family Health Care Plan Failed
AB 501 Margolin Medi-Cal Perinatal Services Chapter 1127
AB 861 Connelly Poison Control Centers Chapter 1366
AB 1012 No Author Budget Trailer Bill: County Mandates Chapter 719
AB 1077 Bronzan Americans with Disabilities Act Chapter 913
AB 1119 Clute Adolescent Family Life Program Chapter 344
AB 1295 Clute Adolescent Family Life Program Chapter 123
AB 1672 Margolin Small Business Health Insurance Chapter 1128
AB 2476 Bronzan Mental Health Restoration: Children Chapter 720
AB 2546 Bates Regional Centers: Alternatives Died
AB 2631 Umberg Insurance: Immunizations Vetoed
AB 2724 T. Friedman AIDS Residential Care Project Chapter 789
AB 2779 Baker Regional Centers: Vouchers Died
AB 2798 Floyd New Required Immunizations Chapter 1300
AB 2820 Lee Inmates: Health Care Vetoed
AB 2844 Alpert Immunization Outreach Program Chapter 566
AB 3015 Wright Children's Mental Health Services Chapter 1229
AB 3244 Bronzan Medi-Cal Costs Died
AB 3281 Polanco Primary Care Clinics Died
AB 3351 Gotch Expansion of Immunization Efforts Chapter 1110
AB 3354 Gotch Expansion of Immunization Efforts Chapter 1111
AB 3449 Becerra Physicians: Student Loan Assumption Chapter 1305
AB 3664 Hannigan Pain: Children Vetoed
AB 3678 Cannella Adolescent Alcohol/Drug Facilities: Licensure Vetoed
AB 3814 Roybal-Allard Health Providers Vetoed
SB 6 Torres Health Plan Commission Vetoed
SB 36 Petris Universal Health Care Failed
SB 166 Watson Medi-Cal Perinatal Services: Presumptive Eligibility Died
SB 371 Thompson Insurance: Child Preventative Care Chapter 1134
SB 485 No Author Budget Trailer Bill: Health & Welfare Chapter 722
SB 1359 McCorquodale Disabilities Vetoed
SB 1383 McCorquodale Regional Center Reform Chapter 1011
SB 1593 Killea Alternative Birth Centers: Licensure Chapter 457

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