1992 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 531 Polanco Housing Discrimination Vetoed
AB 1751 Alpert Rearseat Shoulder Harnesses Chapter 562
AB 2313 Areias Gang Reduction Project Died
AB 2545 Bates Department of Chidlren's Services Died
AB 2650 Speier Family Law Code Chapter 162
AB 2765 Bates Staff: Children's Services Vetoed
AB 2777 Archie-Hudson Firearms: Playgrounds/Youth Centers Chapter 750
AB 3380 Bates Neighborhood Family Services Died
AB 3825 Brown Civil Rights Restoration Act Vetoed
ABX 66 Vasconcellos Budget Trailer Bill: Advisory Boards Chapter X-21
SB 97 Torres Budget Trailer Bill: Juvenile Facilities Chapter 695
SB 269 Presley Juvenile Facilities Bonds Died
SB 593 Roberti Housing Bonds Died
SB 937 Watson Alternative Reproduction Vetoed
SB 1148 Bergeson Independent Adoptions Chapter 1353
SB 1230 Keene Library Bonds Died
SB 1234 Calderon Housing Discrimination Chapter 182
SB 1315 Leonard Alcohol Sales: Schools/Youth Chapter 678
SB 1467 L. Greene County Reorganization of Services Chapter 340
SCR 47 Killea 10 Year Bond Plan Died
SCR 68 Rogers Family Week Chapter R-40

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