1992 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance & Child Support
AB 568 Speier Child Support Followup Chapter 718
AB 2621 Bates Child Support Collection Chapter 847
AB 2640 Hansen Cal-Learn Failed
AB 2646 Bates AFDC Reform Died
AB 2655 Harvey Teen Parents Failed
AB 2727 Andal AFDC 25% Cut Failed
AB 2861 Brulte Homeless Assistance Vetoed
AB 2902 Hunter Repeal of COLAs Failed
AB 3158 Cannella Unemployed Parents Died
AB 3559 Murray AFDC: Pregnancy Info Vetoed
AB 3589 Speier Child Support Delinquency Chapter 1223
SB 356 Watson AFDC Need Standard Vetoed
SB 366 No Author AFDC Residency Requirement Died
SB 370 Hart Child Support Guidelines Chapter 46
SB 485 No Author Budget Trailer Bill: Health & Welfare Chapter 722
SB 919 No Author Human Service Revisions Died
SB 1423 Morgan Child Support: Employee Information Chapter 850
SB 1504 Leonard Cal-Learn Failed
SB 1530 Watson Family Support Enforcement Chapter 851
SB 1537 Petris California Housing Partnership Chapter 775
SB 1556 Hill AFDC Reform Failed
SB 1614 Hart Child Support Orders Chapter 848
SB 1830 Rogers GAIN Participants: Choice Vetoed
SB 1834 Thompson AFDC Reform Provisions deleted
SB 1881 Hart Cal-Learn Failed
SB 1907 Johnston AFDC Residency Requirement Died
SB 1959 Hart Voluntary Paternity Establishment Chapter 849
SB 1967 Hill GAIN Reform Failed

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