1993 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 26 Klehs Child Care Tax Credit Two-year bill
AB 66 Alpert Child Care and Infant Tax Credits Vetoed
AB 158 T. Friedman Sick Leave: Ill Children Two-year bill
AB 228 Knight Cal Learn Program Failed
AB 243 Alpert Health Care Training Followup Two-year bill
AB 261 Ferguson Cal Learn Program Two-year bill
AB 265 O'Connell Family Day Care: Licensed Capacity Chapter 425
AB 312 Gotch Child Care Facilities: Drug Free Zones Chapter 556
AB 369 O'Connell Education Code Cleanup Chapter 1296
AB 462 Alpert Transit Child Care Facilities: Cleanup Chapter 792
AB 615 Gotch Child Care Centers: Smoking Chapter 335
AB 730 Alpert Licensure-Exempt Providers: Certification Vetoed
AB 801 B. Friedman Adolescent Family Life Two-year bill
AB 824 Bates Assembly Welfare Reform Two-year bill
AB 826 Bates Public Recreation Programs Chapter 280
AB 887 Archie-Hudson Children's Bill of Rights Died
AB 927 Honeycutt Staff: Registered Sex Offenders Two-year bill
AB 960 Bates Licensing Fees: Large Programs Chapter 475
AB 1024 Baca Staff Development: LEP Children Vetoed
AB 1104 Archie-Hudson Public Service Student Loan Assumption Two-year bill
AB 1131 Baca Preschool Fees: Mismanagement Two-year bill
AB 1148 Bates Transitional Child Care: Altermative to AFDC Two-year bill
AB 1171 Alpert Health and Safety Regulations Two-year bill
AB 1197 Bates Residential Care: Children Under Age 6 Chapter 1088
AB 1202 Hauser Disabled Access: Property Taxes Chapter 1148
AB 1293 Speier State Employees: Family Care Needs Vetoed
AB 1460 Moore Family Care Leave: Federal Conformity Chapter 827
AB 1486 Speier Cleanup of AB 3087, Licensing Reform Chapter 726
AB 1576 Baca 5-Year State Preschool Expansion Two-year bill
AB 1653 Speier Criminal Record Checks Chapter 537
AB 1763 Bates Integrated Services: Professional Development Two-year bill
AB 1765 Bates Neighborhood Family Services Two-year bill
AB 1831 Bowen AFDC: Social Contracts Two-year bill
AB 1858 Speier Infant Walkers Chapter 336
AB 2053 Gotch Trustline Registration Chapter 898
AB 2256 Weggeland Governor's GAIN Reform Two-year bill
AB 2289 Quackenbush Governor's Cal Learn Dropped
AB 2343 Ferguson Background Checks: Mentally Disordered Offenders Two-year bill
ACA 8 Hauser Construction: Property Taxes Chapter R-92
SB 18 Russell Substance-Exposed Infants Two-year bill
SB 34 Thompson Senate Welfare Reform Died
SB 35 Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Human Services Trailer Bill Chapter 69
SB 39 Morgan Child Care and Infant Tax Credits Two-year bill
SB 79 Marks Children with Special Needs Chapter 37
SB 190 Greene School/Child Care Bonds Two-year bill
SB 266 Morgan Office of Child Development/Education Died
SB 382 Killea Child Development Sunset Chapter 774
SB 399 Hart Education Trailer Bill Chapter 66
SB 434 Morgan Toddler Option Sunset Chapter 246
SB 452 Senate Budget & Fiscal Review County Mandate Relief Trailer Bill Chapter 60
SB 569 McCorquodale Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program Two-year bill
SB 700 Torres Child Development Contractors Vetoed
SB 773 Hart Family Day Care Insurance Two-year bill
SB 1007 Leonard Los Angeles Superzone Failed
SB 1055 Hughes Teen Parents: Enrollment in Parenting Programs Two-year bill
SB 1078 Watson AFDC Followup Chapter 1252
SB 1085 Bergeson Early Intervention Services Chapter 945
SB 1108 Hart Community College Fees: Child Development Coursework Two-year bill
SB 1115 Leslie Governor's Welfare Initiative Failed
SR 15 Russell Substance-Exposed Children Adopted

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