1993 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 25 Burton Sexual Abuse: Child Pornography Chapter 591
AB 137 Areias Foster Care Payments: Relatives Two-year bill
AB 191 Umberg Registered Sex Offenders Chapter 555
AB 290 Boland Adult Survovors of Child Sexual Abuse Chapter 390
AB 356 Snyder Domestic Violence: Visitation Two-year bill
AB 422 Archie-Hudson Guide to Children and Family Services Chapter 1231
AB 464 Moore Placement: Race/Ethnicity Two-year bill
AB 526 V. Brown Habitual Child Molester Chapter 558
AB 636 Bates Special Needs Children: Foster Care Chapter 673
AB 776 Hannigan Family Preservation Services Chapter 1006
AB 897 Costa Fatal Child Abuse Chapter 1253
AB 930 B. Friedman Adoption Assistance Program Chapter 1087
AB 931 B. Friedman Child Abuse: Fines Chapter 967
AB 947 Moore Battered Children's Syndrome Two-year bill
AB 1076 McDonald Reporting: Date Rape Two-year bill
AB 1082 Andal Sexual Violence: Conception Two-year bill
AB 1166 Polanco Interagency Day Care Program Chapter 970
AB 1167 Polanco Integrated Children's Services Chapter 111
AB 1197 Bates Residential Care: Children Under Age 6 Chapter 1088
AB 1334 Gotch Temporary Shelter Care Two-year bill
AB 1423 Conroy Child Abuse Index: Adoption Agencies Chapter 491
AB 1653 Speier Criminal Background Checks Chapter 537
AB 1654 Speier Federal Child Abuse Funds: Neonatal Home-Based Prevention Services Vetoed
AB 1663 Napolitano Recreation Staff: Background Checks Chapter 972
AB 1820 Gotch Multidisciplinary Teams: School Staff Chapter 856
AB 1892 Polanco SED: Out-of-State Placement Two-year bill
AB 2009 Snyder Continuous Sexual Abuse: Probation Chapter 587
AB 2053 Gotch Trustline Registration Chapter 898
AB 2129 Bates Governor's Foster Care Initiative Chapter 1089
AB 2140 Honeycutt Social Workers: Immunity Two-year bill
AB 2208 Isenberg Domestic Violence: Children Two-year bill
AB 2344 Ferguson Teachers: Child Abuse Index Two-year bill
AB 2376 Vasconcellos Foster Care Rates Two-year bill
AB 2376 Vasconcellos Realignment: Child Protection Services Two-year bill
SB 5 Presley Domestic Violence Shelters Chapter 420
SB 17 Russell Foster Care: Sibling Placements Two-year bill
SB 18 Russell Substance-Exposed Infants Two-year bill
SB 22 Russell Statutory Rape: Gender Chapter 596
SB 35 Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Human Services Trailer Bill Chapter 69
SB 41 Presley Habitual Sexual Offender Chapter 590
SB 116 Lockyer CASA: Sunset Removal Chapter 16
SB 270 Russell Placement with Relatives Chapter 451
SB 282 Morgan SED Children: Secured Facilities Chapter 1245
SB 302 McCorquodale Domestic Violence: Child Custody Two-year bill
SB 306 Lockyer Grandparents: Visitation Rights Chapter 832
SB 325 Watson Social Workers: Reports Two-year bill
SB 383 Watson Child Abuse: Confidentiality Two-year bill
SB 415 Presley Foster Care: Rates and Care Levels Chapter 950
SB 426 Presley Termination of Parental Rights Chapter 892
SB 529 Presley Child Abuse: Repeat Offenders Chapter 607
SB 592 Russell Relative Caregiver: Medical Care Two-year bill
SB 644 Presley Child Victims: Mental Health Services Chapter 780
SB 665 Russell New Child Abuse Reporters Chapter 510
SB 1036 Thompson Foster Parents: Training Two-year bill
SB 1050 Russell Specialized Foster Care Services Chapter 296
SCR 8 Russell Ritual Child Abuse Two-year bill

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