1993 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 19 Quackenbush Open Enrollment: Interdistrict Chapter 160
AB 61 Alpert Library Bonds Two-year bill
AB 323 Eastin Public School Library Protection Act Chapter 1212
AB 365 Baca School Volunteers: Retirees Two-year bill
AB 527 Murray School Bonds Two-year bill
AB 962 Bronshvag Statewide Pupil Data System Vetoed
AB 967 Campbell Categorical Programs: Block Grants Two-year bill
AB 974 Karnette Miller-Unruh Reading Program Vetoed
AB 980 Allen Dress Code: Gang-Related Apparel Chapter 435
AB 1114 Alpert Open Enrollment: Intradistrict Chapter 161
AB 1161 Quackenbush Alternative Teacher Certification Chapter 1147
AB 1245 Moore School Master Plan Two-year bill
AB 1261 Eastin Educational Technology Bonds Two-year bill
AB 1264 Martinez Teachers: Parent Involvement Chapter 767
AB 1299 Lee School Hate Violence Vetoed
AB 1399 Lee Surrogate Parents: Education Chapter 489
AB 1408 Morrow English-Only Classes Two-year bill
AB 1476 Speier Gender Equity Chapter 1123
AB 1700 Eastin School Bonds Two-year bill
AB 1836 Eastin Hearing Impaired Pupils Two-year bill
AB 1922 Peace Length of School Year Two-year bill
AB 2112 Solis Paraprofessional Teacher Training Two-year bill
AB 2179 Eastin Teacher Diversity Recruitment Vetoed
AB 2264 Andal Teacher Preparation: School Safety Chapter 743
AB 2355 Eastin Special Education: Nonpublic Schools Chapter 939
SB 1 Hart School Taxes: Majority Vote Vetoed
SB 33 Mello Language Minority Education Two-year bill
SB 97 Greene School Facilities Funding Two-year bill
SB 170 Craven School Libraries: Tax Check-Off Chapter 1228
SB 181 Hughes Special Education: District Interns Vetoed
SB 190 Greene School Bonds Two-year bill
SB 224 Hughes Sex Education: Date Rape Chapter 328
SB 260 Greene Teacher Asistants: Licensure Vetoed
SB 399 Hart Education Trailer Bill Chapter 66
SB 576 Greene Civil Rights Curriculum Chapter 497
SR 13 Hughes Task Force on School Violence Adopted

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