1993 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Health, Mental Health and Disabilities
AB 36 Quackenbush Technology Dependent Children Chapter 1030
AB 45 Margolin Medi-Cal Managed Care: Protections Vetoed
AB 241 Murray Perinatal Substance Abuse Two-year bill
AB 383 Lee Lead Construction Standards Chapter 1122
AB 454 Solis Cooperative Agreements Chapter 1033
AB 624 Polanco CHDP Health Screenings: Targets Vetoed
AB 637 Bates Regional Centers: Alternatives Chapter 623
AB 801 B. Friedman Adolescent Family Life Two-year bill
AB 1072 Vasconcellos Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Vetoed
AB 1162 Margolin Primary Care: Case Management Vetoed
AB 1202 Hauser Disabled Access: Property Taxes Chapter 1148
AB 1242 V. Brown Emotionally Distrubed Children: Napa Pilot Chapter 688
AB 1604 B. Friedman Medi-Cal Managed Care: EPSDT Vetoed
ACA 8 Hauser Construction: Property Taxes Chapter R-92
SB 35 Thompson Regional Centers Provisions deleted
SB 130 Torres CCS: Mental Health Services Vetoed
SB 151 Watson Medi-Cal Managed Care: Planning and Access Two-year bill
SB 167 Rosenthal Medi-Cal Perinatal Services Two-year bill
SB 282 Morgan SED Children: Secured Facilities Chapter 1245
SB 369 Kopp Managed Care: Integrated Mental Health Services Chapter 640
SB 431 Greene Pain Management Chapter 949
SB 644 Presley Child Victims: Mental Health Services Chapter 780
SB 1028 Thompson CHDP: Rural Counties Two-year bill
SB 1060 Mello Preventive Health Care Coverage: Children Vetoed
SB 1073 Bergeson Medi-Cal Managed Care: CCS & CHDP Vetoed
SB 1085 Bergeson Early Intervention Services Chapter 945

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