1993 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 62 Murray Multijurisdictional Gang and Drug Task Force Vetoed
AB 675 Moore sexual Harassment: Pregnancy/Childbirth Chapter 711
AB 887 Archie-Hudson Califronia Children's Bill of Rights Vetoed
AB 905 Vasconcellos Center for Self-Esteem Vetoed
AB 1028 Polanco Realignment: Youth Authority Two-year bill
AB 1741 Bates Blended Children's Services Chapter 951
AB 1763 Bates Integrated Services: Professional Development Two-year bill
AB 1765 Bates Neighborhood Family Services Two-year bill
AB 1900 T. Friedman Child Labor Laws Failed
AB 2244 Polanco Housing Discrimination Chapter 1277
SB 452 Senate Budget & Fiscal Review County Mandate Relief Trailer Bill Chapter 60
SB 503 Torres Hope in Youth Campaign Chapter 571
SB 519 Presley Pregnant and Parenting Women: Alternative Sentencing Two-year bill

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