1994 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 26 Klehs Child Care Tax Credit: Reinstatement Died
AB 158 T. Friedman Sick Leave: Ill Family Members Died
AB 238 Eastin Child Care Waivers: Emergencies Chapter 49
AB 243 Alpert Health Care Training Followup Chapter 246
AB 827 Bates Child Nutrition & Family Day Care Vetoed
AB 1171 Alpert Immunization Registry Systems Vetoed
AB 1700 Eastin School Bonds: Child Care Facilities Died
AB 2273 Karnette Center Directors: School Principals Chapter 252
AB 2343 Ferguson Staff: Mentally Disorder Offenders Failed
AB 2425 Baca Lottery: Education/Child Development Chapter 1236
AB 2480 Vasconcellos Budget Trailer Bill: Education Chapter 153
AB 2539 Bowler Child Support: Child Care Failed
AB 2560 Gotch Trustline Cleanup Chapter 1268
AB 2580 Eastin School Facilities Reform Vetoed
AB 2688 Klehs Employer Tax Credit Amended into AB 3144
AB 2715 Frazee Child Care: Child Abuse Records Chapter 471
AB 2854 Alpert School Facilities: Preschool Vetoed
AB 2869 McDonald Priority Waivers: Grandparents Vetoed
AB 2971 O'Connell Child Development Contractors: Technical Cleanup Chapter 1172
AB 2981 Hannigan Child Development Contractors Chapter 1171
AB 3025 Escutia In-Home Provider Wages Failed
AB 3144 Hannigan Employer Child Care Tax Credit Chapter 748
AB 3168 Quackenbush Employer Child Care Centers Chapter 690
AB 3367 McDonald School-Age Child Care Summit Vetoed
AB 3466 Weggeland Portables: Child Care and Recreation Chapter 1183
AB 3469 Bustamante Migrant Family Child Care Chapter 1185
AB 3530 Bates AFDC: After-School Jobs & Activities Died
AB 3555 Connolly School Age Child Care Grants Died
AB 3781 Brulte Infant Care: Reimbursements Chapter 588
AJR 58 Martinez TV Violence: Young Children Chapter R-126
SB 190/ Prop 1B Greene School Bonds: Extended Day Care Rejected by voters on the June 1994 ballot
SB 569 McCorquodale Pregnant and Parenting Teens Died
SB 710 Watson Child Care Bonds Failed
SB 720 Hart Child Care Waivers: Emergencies Chapter 61
SB 773 Hart Family Day Care Insurance Vetoed
SB 1108 Hart Community College Fees: ECE Courses Died
SB 1420 Russell Infant Tax Credit Died
SB 1502 Alquist Disinfectants: Worker Safety Died
SB 1678 Hart School-Age Centers: Staffing Chapter 848
SB 1710 Bergeson Office of Child Development/Education Failed
SB 1714 McCorquodale Special Education: Inclusion Vetoed
SB 1814 Hughes Pool Safety: Family Day Care Failed
SB 1984 Bergeson Licensure and Trustline: Rap Sheets Chapter 1267
SB 2011 Killea Child Care Centers: Sale Chapter 232
SCR 51 Russell Pasadena ECE: Statewide Model Died

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