1994 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 167 B. Friedman Battered Womens Protection Act Chapter 140
AB 356 Snyder Custody/Visitation: Domestic Violence Chapter 320
AB 801 B. Friedman Battered Womens Protection Act Chapter 599
AB 806 Gotch County Children's Trust Funds Chapter 495
AB 825 Bates Intensive Foster Care Chapter 790
AB 927 Honeycutt Sexual Exploitation of Children Chapter 55
AB 1082 Andal Conception Through Molestation Chapter 57
AB 1334 Gotch Transitional Shelter Care: Licensure Chapter 950
AB 1579 Polanco Removal From Home Chapter 469
AB 2140 Honeycutt Social Workers: Removal From Case Chapter 502
AB 2344 Ferguson Teachers: Child Abuse Index Died
AB 2472 Burton Child Pornography: Computers Died
AB 2488 Bowen Multidisciplinary Teams: Shared Data Chapter 1038
AB 2500 Alby Felony Child Molesters: "900" Number Chapter 867
AB 2701 Costa Child Pornography: Home Production Chapter 874
AB 2727 Rainey Custody/Visitation: Abusive Siblings Died
AB 2730 Connolly Juvenile Sexual Offenders Dropped
AB 2747 Honeycutt Child Welfare Workers: Fingerprints Failed
AB 2846 Speier Childhood Sexual Abuse: Survivors Chapter 288
AB 2908 Connolly Dependent Children: Counsel Died
AB 2923 Bates Foster Youth: Rights & Services Vetoed
AB 2947 Vasconcellos Youth: Parenting Education Vetoed
AB 2956 V. Brown Therapists: Sexual Offenders Chapter 474
AB 3003 Honeycutt Child Molesters: AIDS Testing Dropped
AB 3026 Bowen Centralized Fingerprinting System Chapter 875
AB 3047 Escutia Child Molesters: AIDS Testing Died
AB 3192 Haynes Social Worker Reports: Hearsay Failed
AB 3273 Umberg Child Exploitation and Assault Unit Chapter 876
AB 3345 Bates Neonatal Home-Based Prevention Failed
AB 3364 Bates Federal Family Preservation Funds Chapter 961
AB 3405 Umberg Missing and Exploited Children Chapter 877
AB 3456 Harvey Sexual Offenders: Registration Chapter 863
AB 3545 Snyder Child Abuse Reports: Health Providers Vetoed
AB 3560 B. Friedman Juvenile Offenders: Early Intervention Vetoed
AB 3592 Umberg Employment: Child Intimidation Chapter 529
AB 3628 Karnette Live-Scan Fingerprint Processing Chapter 1265
ABX 150 Conroy Graffiti: Courtroom Paddlings Failed
SB 17 Russell Foster Care: Siblings Chapter 663
SB 18 Russell Substance-Exposed Infants Chapter 694
SB 592 Russell Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit Chapter 98
SB 1358 Russell Dependent Children: Guidelines for Placement with Noncustodial Parent Provisions deleted
SB 1368 Peace Group Home Restrictions Provisions deleted
SB 1407 Russell Dependent Children: Guardianship Chapter 900
SB 1550 Presley Infant Start Home Visiting Project Died
SB 1619 Wright Sexual Offenders: Probation Chapter 918
SB 1647 Hughes Abused Children Died
SB 1692 Campbell Contempt: Sexual Assault Victims Died
SB 1700 Hart Custody: Child Preference Chapter 596
SB 1773 McCorquodale Foster Family Agencies: Rate System and Investigations Provisions deleted
SB 1785 Johannessen Dependent Children: Jury Trial Failed
SB 1909 Greene FAIR Centers Chapter 969
SB 1984 Bergeson Full Criminal Records Chapter 1267
SB 2039 McCorquodale Therapists: Sexual Misconduct Chapter 1274

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