1994 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 56 Woodruff Adult Education Chapter 108
AB 61 Alpert Public Library Bonds Died
AB 317 Alpert Gun Violence Prevention Curriculum Died
AB 1045 Allen School Expulsion Chapter 1014
AB 1261 Eastin Educational Technology Bonds Died
AB 1408 Morrow English Only Classrooms Failed
AB 1464 Bronshvag Teachers: Gender Equity Training Vetoed
AB 1700 Eastin School Bonds Died
AB 2543 Lee School Hate Violence Chapter 1198
AB 2578 Baca School Nurses Failed
AB 2580 Eastin School Facilities Reform Vetoed
AB 2590 Eastin Family School Partnership Chapter 1290
AB 2682 Snyder Healthy Start: Tuberculosis Vetoed
AB 2767 Murray Division of Pupil Advocacy Failed
AB 2809 Andal School Vouchers: Categorical Funding Failed
AB 2823 Quackenbush Charter Schools: Tax Credit Failed
AB 2826 Allen Schools: CPR/First Aid Training Chapter 643
AB 2842 Martinez High School: Multicultural Course Vetoed
AB 2914 Snyder Schoolbus Safety Bonds Failed
AB 2947 Vasconcellos Parenting Education Vetoed
AB 3012 Quackenbush School Safety Departments Failed
AB 3200 Haynes Cal Grant Vouchers: School Reform Failed
AB 3457 Harvey School Volunteers: Background Check Chapter 1021
AB 3458 Harvey School Volunteers: Sex Offenders Chapter 141
AB 3556 Escutia Teacher Pipeline: Bilingual Students Vetoed
AB 3620 Alby Categorical Programs: Administration Failed
AB 3669 Ferguson Boot Camp Schools Provisions deleted
AB 3756 Solis Goals 2000: Teacher Recruitment Vetoed
AB 3757 Campbell Special Education: Interim Financing Vetoed
ACA 38 Haynes Cal Grant Voucher Program Dropped
SB 33 Mello Language Minority Education Vetoed
SB 190/ Prop 1B Greene School Bonds: Extended Day Care Rejected by voters on the June 1994 ballot
SB 1255 Hughes Conflict Resolution Programs Chapter 1022
SB 1261 Hart School Taxes: Majority Vote Vetoed
SB 1264 Hart Charter Schools: Revision Vetoed
SB 1273 Hart CLAS Tests: Funding and Revision Vetoed
SB 1467 Watson Early Intervention for School Success Chapter 319
SB 1640 Hart Special Education: Funding Reform Vetoed
SB 1714 McCorquodale Special Education: Inclusion Vetoed
SB 1729 Hughes K-5 Peace Builders Project Dropped
SB 1848 Greene School Violence: Mental Health Chapter 989
SB 1849 Greene Teacher Preparation: Critical Thinking; Goals 2000: Educate America Chapter 1182
SB 1850 Greene Bilingual Education: Policies Vetoed
SB 1875 Watson Ready to Learn Act Died
SB 1960 Rosenthal Golden State Education Network Vetoed
SB 1993 Hart Reading Initiative Program Chapter 787
SB 2005 Leslie Teachers: Sex/Drug Convictions Chapter 376
SB 2024 Bergeson Parental Rights and Involvement Failed
SB 2076 Hart Violence and the Media Curriculum Dropped
SCR 33 Hughes School Safety Month Chapter R-129
SCR 35 Hughes Media Violence: Education Materials Chapter R-130
SJR 39 Hughes Violence Prevention Curriculum Chapter R-138

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