1994 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 757 Polanco Mental Health: Managed Care Chapter 633
AB 1892 Polanco SED: Out-of-State Placements Chapter 1128
AB 2659 Morrow Minors: Therapist-Patient Privilege Chapter 1270
AB 2734 Polanco EPSDT: Participation Rates Died
AB 2849 Escutia AIDS: Women's Full Service Project Chapter 788
AB 3390 B. Friedman Health Practitioners: Patient Advocacy Chapter 1119
AB 3496 B. Friedman Acute Care: Physical Restraints Vetoed
AB 3501 Martinez AIDS: Latino Prevention Program Vetoed
AB 3544 Lee Health Care Reform: Minorities Vetoed
AB 3558 B. Friedman Medi-Cal Managed Care: Children Vetoed
SB 151 Watson Managed Care: Choice Provisions deleted
SB 167 Rosenthal Perinatal Care: Assets Provisions deleted
SB 1371 Bergeson Medi-Cal Managed Care: CCS Chapter 917
SB 1845 Mello Preventive Health Care: Co-Payments Vetoed

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