1994 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance
AB 473 Brulte AFDC: Newborn Child Exclusion Chapter 196
AB 828 Bates GAIN: Child Mental Health Aides Died
AB 836 Goldsmith AFDC: Budget Trailer Bill Chapter 148
AB 2596 Connolly AFDC Teen Parents: Residence Vetoed
AB 2606 Snyder AFDC Grant Reductions: 6 Months Failed
AB 2764 Honeycutt AFDC-Unemployed Parent Died
AB 2776 Pringle AFDC Fraud: Reduction of Benefits Died
AB 2924 Bronshvag AFDC: Parenting Provisions deleted
AB 3049 Horcher Public Assistance: Substance Abuse Failed
AB 3051 Horcher AFDC: Time Limits; Grant Reductions Failed
AB 3438 Karnette AFDC: School Needs Allowance Vetoed
AB 3485 Andal Welfare Fraud Failed
AB 3486 Andal AFDC Eligibility: Immunizations Failed
AB 3530 Bates AFDC: After-School Activities & Jobs Died
AB 3829 Murray AFDC Need Standard Vetoed
SB 1892 Leslie Welfare Fraud Died

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