1995 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 85 Baca Family Child Care Licensing Two-year bill
AB 90 Baca Child Care Tax Credit Two-year bill
AB 183 Alpert Child Care Tax Credit Failed
AB 234 Cortese Youth Recreation Programs Task Force Vetoed
AB 254 Alpert Immunization Information Chapter 314
AB 301 Alpert Child Care: Immunization Chapter 473
AB 335 Hannigan California Child Care Initiative Chapter 298
AB 397 Hannigan Farmworker Housing: Tax Credits Vetoed
AB 436 Morrow Child Care Facilities: Exemptions Two-year bill
AB 442 Alpert Extended Schoolday Grants Chapter 775
AB 446 Higher Ed Education Code Clean-Up Chapter 758
AB 606 Richter Child Care: Liability Insurance Two-year bill
AB 621 Brulte Office of Child Development and Education Two-year bill
AB 731 Davis Medical Training Pilot Project Chapter 776
AB 789 Alpert After-School Care: Grant Program Two-year bill
AB 966 Ducheny Marijuana Penalty Enhancement Two-year bill
AB 967 Ducheny Education Code Revision Chapter 530
AB 976 McDonald Child Development Subsidies: Eligibility of Grandparents, Others Two-year bill
AB 1153 Alby Child Care: Abuse Convictions Two-year bill
AB 1484 Martinez Child Care Homes: Liability Insurance Two-year bill
AB 1542 Hannigan Child Care Services: Contract Appeals Two-year bill
AB 1660 Hannigan Staffing Ratios: School-Age Flexibility Dropped
AB 1723 Martinez Earthquake Safety Program Two-year bill
AB 1980 Figueroa Child Care Facility Inspection Reports Two-year bill
SB 265 O'Connell Family Child Care Pilot Two-year bill
SB 356 Campbell Child Care Payments Vetoed
SB 839 Watson Child Care Facility Financing Two-year bill
SB 965 Watson License-Exempt Providers: Education and Training Two-year bill
SB 1289 Leonard Child Care: Sectarian Choices Two-year bill

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