1995 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 247 Baldwin Children's Services: Fingerprinting Chapter 284
AB 355 Rogan Evidence: Hearsay Rule Chapter 87
AB 653 Davis Child Death Reports Chapter 539
AB 1038 Vasconcellos Child Abduction Vetoed
AB 1078 Archie-Hudson Domestic Violence: Counseling Two-year bill
AB 1146 Alby Sex Abuse Offenders: Blood Test Two-year bill
AB 1440 Davis Child Abuse: Reporting Chapter 391
AB 1491 McPherson Child Molestation: Visitation Rights Chapter 48
AB 1606 Hawkins Child Abuse: Repeat Offenders Two-year bill
AB 1656 Alby Trustline: Mental Health Record Search Two-year bill
SB 132 Watson Domestic Violence Chapter 965
SB 169 Hayden Domestic Violence Probation Chapter 641
SB 341 Campbell Residential Child Care Facilities Two-year bill
SB 558 Campbell Child Abuse: False Allegation Chapter 406
SB 591 Solis Domestic Violence Arrest Policies Chapter 246
SB 630 Greene Child Custody Mediation: Domestic Violence Two-year bill
SB 750 Killea Birth Certificate Fee Increase: County Children's Trust Fund Chapter 880
SCR 17 Solis Domestic Violence Awareness Month Chapter R-83

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