1995 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 22 Archie-Hudson Updated Textbook Adoption Two-year bill
AB 39 Mazzoni Charter Schools Died
AB 66 Goldsmith Charter Schools Two-year bill
AB 84 W. Murray Parental Choice Pilot Project Two-year bill
AB 101 Conroy Corporal Punishment in Public Schools Two-year bill
AB 170 Alpert Basic Instructional Materials Chapter 765
AB 198 Caldera Charter Schools Two-year bill
AB 262 Vasconcellos Parenting Education Two-year bill
AB 265 Alpert California School Testing Act Chapter 975
AB 331 Alpert K-12 School Bonds Two-year bill
AB 440 House English-Only Classes Two-year bill
AB 536 Archie-Hudson Educational Technology: Revenue Bonds Chapter 869
AB 620 Gallegos Parental Involvement: Pupil Rehabilitation Chapter 95
AB 721 Baldwin Charter Schools: Removal of Number Limitation Two-year bill
AB 922 Friedman Expelled Pupils: Alternative Placement Chapter 974
AB 923 Alpert Categorical Programs: Funding Reform Two-year bill
AB 978 Thompson Education Code Revision Two-year bill
AB 984 Firestone Charter School Petitions Two-year bill
AB 1030 Firestone Education: Parental Involvement Two-year bill
AB 1041 Alpert Bilingual Education Two-year bill
AB 1207 Mazzoni School Facility Construction: Tax Credit Two-year bill
AB 1290 Kaloogian K-12 School Reform Act Two-year bill
AB 1302 K. Murray Education Technology Trust Fund Chapter 767
AB 1334 Sweeney Education: Parental Responsibility and Involvement Chapter 485
AB 1335 Sweeney Education Benchmarks Commission Two-year bill
AB 1489 Gallegos Early Reading Intervention Teacher Training Act Two-year bill
AB 1504 Burton Instructional Materials: Spelling Chapter 764
AB 1513 Villaraigosa School Safety Incentive Grants Died
AB 1591 Alpert Healthy Start Transition Services Two-year bill
AB 1802 V. Brown Child Abuse and Abduction Prevention Chapter 269
ACR 5 W. Murray Adult Education Week Chapter R-6
SB 95 Greene School Facilities Revenue Bonds Two-year bill
SB 96 Greene School Facilities Bond Act Two-year bill
SB 210 Solis Special Education Two-year bill
SB 228 Kopp Charter Schools Died
SB 430 Greene California School Testing Act Died
SB 459 Greene Repeal of Department of Education Two-year bill
SB 543 Hayden School Facilities: Seismic Safety Two-year bill
SB 567 Hurtt Income Taxes: College Savings Accounts Two-year bill
SB 1043 Hughes Crime and Violence Prevention Grant Chapter 770
SB 1130 Dills Reading and Language Arts Act Two-year bill
SB 1169 Lockyer Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program Two-year bill
SB 1170 Lockyer Healthy Start: Pregnancy Prevention Chapter 311
SCA 8 Greene Superintendent of Public Instruction Two-year bill
SCA 17 Greene State Advisory Board on Education Two-year bill
SCA 25 Greene Superintendent of Public Instruction: Secretary of Education Two-year bill

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