1995 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 157 Villaraigosa Breast-Feeding: Mothers' Rights Failed
AB 256 Alpert Adoption Two-year bill
AB 283 Cortese Grandchildren in Mobilehomes Chapter 24
AB 309 Alpert Library Refinancing Bonds Two-year bill
AB 332 Allen Great-Grandparent Visitation Two-year bill
AB 334 Allen Grandparent Visitation Two-year bill
AB 359 Bordonaro Juvenile Arrest Disclosure Died
AB 383 Pringle Anti-Gang Pilot Project Two-year bill
AB 658 Kuehl Pregnant Employees: Accomodation Two-year bill
AB 861 Ducheny Federal Block Grant Administration Two-year bill
AB 898 Knight Adoption Consent Chapter 567
AB 1157 Bates Wrap-Around Services Two-year bill
AB 1446 Baldwin Income Tax Credit: Children Two-year bill
SB 319 Solis Child Support: Collection Two-year bill
SB 348 Campbell Community Colleges: Student Fees Dropped
SB 362 Kopp Public Housing Two-year bill
SB 380 Killea Adoption Two-year bill
SB 516 Killea Bicycle Safety Two-year bill
SB 667 Marks Family Care Leave: Unemployment Compensation Failed
SB 778 Marks Graffiti Education & Cleanup Vetoed
SB 921 Russell Family Preservation: Educational Video Two-year bill
SCR 19 Russell Entertainment Industry: Family Programming Chapter R-40

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