1995 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance
AB 14 W. Murray AFDC: Grant Reduction Two-year bill
AB 18 Thompson AFDC Eligibility Restrictions Died
AB 98 Olberg AFDC Payment Level Limit Two-year bill
AB 103 W. Murray AFDC Pregnancy Benefits Failed
AB 199 K. Murray AFDC Payment Method Change Two-year bill
AB 209 Granlund AFDC: Restricted Payments Two-year bill
AB 275 Baca AFDC Fingerprinting Two-year bill
AB 319 Archie-Hudson GAIN-Funded Employment Services Chapter 521
AB 326 Knowles Pregnancy Services Two-year bill
AB 327 Hannigan Foster Care Pilot Project Chapter 453
AB 707 Goldsmith AFDC Recipients: Substance Testing Two-year bill
AB 932 Speier San Mateo County Pilot Project Two-year bill
AB 1322 Hawkins AFDC Limitations Two-year bill
AB 1371 Weggeland GAIN Program Reform Chapter 306
AB 1380 Hawkins AFDC Benefit Reduction Two-year bill
AB 1495 Morrissey AFDC Eligibility: School Attendance Two-year bill
AB 1523 Granlund Child Welfare Services: Case Plans Chapter 540
AB 1525 Granlund AFDC Foster Care: Indian Tribes Chapter 723
AB 1528 K. Murray WIC: Farmers' Market Coupons Vetoed
AB 1559 Burton AFDC Eligibility: Family Reunification Two-year bill
AB 1617 Weggeland AFDC Employment & Training Programs Chapter 883
AB 1680 Granlund AFDC Benefits: Pregnant Minors Two-year bill
SB 180 Ayala AFDC Payment Limitations Dropped
SB 201 Costa AFDC Benefits: Minors Two-year bill
SB 321 Russell AFDC Foster Care Chapter 418
SB 971 Watson AFDC Child Care: Advance Payments Two-year bill
SB 1044 Hughes Family Preservation Pilot Project Two-year bill
SB 1110 Maddy AFDC: Restricted Payments Chapter 838

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