1996 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 90 Baca Child Care Tax Credit Failed
AB 621 Brulte Office of Child Development and Education Died
AB 978 Thompson Education Code Revision Failed
AB 1275 McDonald Child Care Programs Died
AB 1418 Bordonaro Family Child Care Pilot Program Extension Chapter 11
AB 1484 Martinez Child Care Homes: Liability Insurance Failed
AB 1723 Martinez Earthquake Safety Program Chapter 643
AB 1980 Figueroa Child Care Facility Licensing Reports Chapter 881
AB 2025 Burton Child Care Facilities: Hepatitis Testing Died
AB 2050 Alby Child Care Licensing: Sex Offenders Chapter 235
AB 2556 Alpert Child Care and Development Programs Coordination Died
AB 2943 Escutia Child Care Facilities: Crib Safety Failed
AB 2945 Vasconcellos Parenting Education Task Force Failed
AB 3228 Campbell American Indian Early Childhood Education Chapter 783
SB 265 O'Connell Family Child Care Pilot Chapter 18
SB 965 Watson License-Exempt Providers: Education and Training Failed
SB 1695 Kopp Family Child Care: Landlord Notification, Increased Deposit Chapter 449
SB 1924 Dills Child Development: Credentialing Chapter 1067
SB 1973 Watson AFDC Recipients: Availability of Child Care Failed
SB 2034 Killea Child Development Teacher Program Failed

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