1996 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 2078 K. Murray AFDC Foster Care: Grandparents and Other Related Guardians Died
AB 2122 Alpert Child Abuse: Civil Compromise Disallowance Died
AB 2194 Knowles Child Abuse Reporting Failed
AB 2204 Kuehl Child Endangerment: Affirmative Defense Died
AB 2258 Kuykendall Child Abuse: Increased Penalty Chapter 460
AB 2329 Goldsmith Foster Care Disclosure Chapter 275
AB 2557 Boland Abuse Allegations Died
AB 2608 Morrissey Child Abuse: Reunification Chapter 142
AB 2614 Hawkins Child Abuse: Prenatal Neglect Died
AB 2647 Kuehl Domestic Violence: Custody Chapter 1139
AB 2707 Bates Second Shift Youth Enrichment Act Died
AB 2936 Cunneen Parental Abduction Chapter 988
AB 3051 Boland Kidnapping: Penalty Increase Failed
AB 3062 Friedman Foster Family Homes: Training Requirement Chapter 1016
AB 3354 Brown Child Abuse and Neglect Reports Chapter 1081
SB 1404 Ayala Child Murder: Sentence Increase Died
SB 1810 Polanco Office of the Children's Guardian Died
SB 1811 Polanco Juvenile Court Officers Chapter 945
SB 1812 Polanco Lance's Law: Child Protective Services Died
SB 1813 Polanco Child Abuse: Physical Safety Died
SB 1974 Watson Foster Youth Advisory Committee Vetoed
SB 1975 Watson Grandparents: Foster Care Pilot Failed

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