1996 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 66 Goldsmith Charter Schools Vetoed
AB 198 Caldera Charter Schools Failed
AB 1030 Firestone Education: Parental Involvement Died
AB 1207 Mazzoni Public School Facility Construction: Tax Credit Failed
AB 2105 Baldwin Pupil Assessment Commission Revisions Chapter 920
AB 2255 Cunneen Education Sunset Extensions Chapter 1047
AB 2265 Villaraigosa Summer School Reading Program Chapter 931
AB 2310 Firestone Bilingual Education: English Learners Died
AB 2432 Aguiar Teacher Preparation: Alternative Teacher Intern Program Vetoed
AB 2449 Alpert Class Size Reduction Program Dropped
AB 2468 Richter Education: Affirmative Action Repeal Failed
AB 2470 Archie-Hudson Special Education Paraprofessionals: Grants Died
AB 2475 Bates Youth Pilot Program Chapter 1011
AB 2524 Miller Schoolbuses: Advertising Failed
AB 2700 Sher Class Size Reduction Facilities Financing Dropped
AB 2821 Richter Class Size Reduction Program Died
AB 2888 Cortese Employer Tax Credit: Education Provisions removed
AB 2890 Machado Private Schools: Special Education Teachers Failed
AB 3075 Baldwin Teacher Credentialing: Reading Instruction Chapter 921
AB 3180 Pringle Opportunity Scholarships Failed
SB 430 Greene Pupil Assessment Commission Revisions Chapter 69
SB 1414 Greene Class Size Reduction Program Clean-Up Chapter 621
SB 1415 Greene Teacher Assistant Education Failed
SB 1531 Marks Public Library Funding Bonds Died
SB 1568 Dills Reading and Language Arts Specialists Chapter 1068
SB 1678 Greene Special Education: Funding Revision Died
SB 1777 O'Connell Class Size Reduction Program Chapter 163
SB 1789 Greene Class Size Reduction: Facilities Financing Chapter 164
SB 1894 Lockyer Guaranteed Educational Quality Act Died

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