1996 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 2139 Cortese Youth Recreation Programs Died
AB 2165 Goldsmith Adoption Process: Time Reduction Chapter 510
AB 2297 Cunneen Wrap-Around Services: Pilot Program Chapter 274
AB 2650 Alby Dependent Tax Credit Died
AB 2807 Bordonaro Adopted Children: Corporal Punishment Died
AB 2889 Caldera Second Chance Homes Failed
AB 3030 Speier California Children's Fund: Tax Designation Died
SB 1443 Lockyer Substance Abuse: Parenting Class Chapter 210
SB 1947 Costa Neighborhood Development Corporations Died
SB 2035 Killea Adoption Intermediaries Chapter 1135
SB 2067 Haynes Foster Homes: Appeals Process Failed
SCR 48 Hughes Unwed Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Month Chapter R-17

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