1996 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance
AB 14 W. Murray AFDC Eligibility: School Attendance Died
AB 1322 Hawkins AFDC Limitations Died
AB 2034 Frusetta AFDC Grants: Time Limits Died
AB 2156 Woods Cal-Learn: Pilot Program Failed
AB 3100 Machado Children's Programs: County Funds Died
AB 3140 Bordonaro Public Assistance Programs: Governor's Redesign Failed
AB 3359 Ackerman AFDC Grant Levels: Flat Rates Died
AB 3432 House AFDC Eligibility: School Attendance Failed
ABXXXX 1 Bordonaro AFDC Grant Reduction Continuation Chapter X4-1
SB 1584 Wright AFDC Services Pilot Project Vetoed
SB 1846 Leslie Integrated Services Pilot Program Chapter 889

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