1997 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 47 Murray Employees: Child Care Participation Chapter 157
AB 126 Papan Child Care Reform Task Force Two-year bill
AB 221 Goldsmith Child Care Providers: Blood Glucose Testing Chapter 550
AB 258 Floyd Dependent Care Tax Credit Provisions deleted
AB 300 Escutia Child Care Facilities: Class Size Reduction Chapter 362
AB 326 Ortiz Schoolage Child Care Programs Chapter 917
AB 419 Baca Community College Child Care Two-year bill
AB 484 Havice Child Care Tax Credit Two-year bill
AB 642 Baldwin Child Care Tax Credit Two-year bill
AB 656 Aroner Child Care Planning Councils Dropped
AB 690 Morrow Licensing Exemptions: Extended Day Chapter 916
AB 718 Lempert Public Assistance: County Option Dropped
AB 747 Alby Licensing: Child Care & Foster Care Chapter 617
AB 753 Escutia Trustline Registration Chapter 843
AB 757 Escutia Crib Safety/SIDS Awareness Chapter 263
AB 848 Cunneen Child Care Facilities: Interest Costs Chapter 247
AB 933 Figueroa Family Child Care Security Checks: Juvenile Records Two-year bill
AB 957 Migden Child Development Teacher Grants Chapter 721
AB 971 Wright Child Care Facilities Expansion Fund Two-year bill
AB 1135 Mazzoni Parent Services Project Two-year bill
AB 1164 Wright TANF Recipients: Child Care Eligibility Provisions deleted
AB 1210 Wright Child Care: Brain Development Vetoed
AB 1381 Thomson Child Care Facilities Bond Act: Class Size Reduction Two-year bill
AB 1401 Battin TANF: Transitional Child Care Dropped
AB 1542 Ducheny Welfare Reform Chapter 270
AB 1578 Migden Education Budget Trailer Bill Chapter 299
SB 14 Calderon Jury Service: Child Care Expenses Provisions deleted
SB 158 Rainey Child Care Facilities: Loan Guaranty Dropped
SB 167 Solis Community Colleges: Child Care Two-year bill
SB 278 Watson Child Care Facilities Financing Act Two-year bill
SB 309 Watson License-Exempt Providers: Training Provisions deleted
SB 530 Alpert Child Care & Development Services Act Two-year bill
SB 831 Karnette Child Care for Working Families Two-year bill
SB 1085 Watson AFDC: Small Businesses Two-year bill
SB 1126 Solis Community Colleges Child Care Pilot Two-year bill
SB 1254 Calderon Child Endangerment Protection Act Provisions deleted

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