1997 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 59 Brown Kidnapping: Increased Penalty Chapter 817
AB 67 Escutia Social Services Budget Trailer Bill Chapter 606
AB 102 Cunneen Domestic Violence: Minors Present Chapter 848
AB 181 Kuykendall Seduction of a Minor: Internet Chapter 590
AB 191 Napolitano Domestic Violence Prevention Education Two-year bill
AB 200 Kuehl Child Custody: Domestic Violence Chapter 849
AB 260 Alby Parental Custody: Murder Conviction Two-year bill
AB 285 Honda Domestic Violence Prevention Education Two-year bill
AB 512 Morrissey Indecent Exposure: School Zones Two-year bill
AB 1033 Frusetta State Tax Check-Off: Children's Trust Fund Chapter 630
AB 1065 Goldsmith Child Abuse Reports: Disclosure Chapter 844
AB 1153 Escutia Social Services Budget Trailer Bill Vetoed
AB 1193 Shelley Kinship Support Services Chapter 794
AB 1222 Wright Child Custody: Rape Chapter 594
AB 1322 Wright Related Guardians: Subsidies Two-year bill
AB 1610 Ortiz Criminal Record Checks Chapter 588
AB 1612 Alby School Employees: Criminal Record Checks Chapter 589
HR 13 Battin Child Abuse Prevention Month Adopted
SB 159 Rainey Foster Care: Placement Two-year bill
SB 163 Solis Foster Care: Wrap-Around Services Chapter 795
SB 165 Solis Unemployment Compensation: Domestic Violence Two-year bill
SB 341 Watson Domestic Violence Training Two-year bill
SB 468 Rainey Placement with Relatives: Criminal Record Check Chapter 453
SB 483 Schiff Department of Juvenile Justice Vetoed
SB 540 Johnston Youth Intervention Services Provisions deleted
SB 644 Polanco Child Abuse Reports Chapter 842
SB 1160 Haynes Adopted Children: Corporal Punishment Two-year bill
SB 1254 Calderon Child Endangerment Protection Act Two-year bill
SB 1302 Leslie Employees: Criminal History Chapter 586
SCR 20 Solis Domestic Violence Awareness Month Chapter R-95

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