1997 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 18 Mazzoni Class Size Reduction: Teachers Chapter 1
AB 25 Pringle Opportunity Scholarships Two-year bill
AB 40 Mazzoni Educational Facilities Bond Act Two-year bill
AB 58 Escutia Special Education: Extension Chapter 829
AB 85 Runner Kindergarten: Age of Entry Two-year bill
AB 89 Pringle Class Size Reduction: Facilities Two-year bill
AB 110 Leonard Educational Facilities Bond Act: Class Size Reduction Two-year bill
AB 142 Brown Class Size Reduction: Apportionment Changes Two-year bill
AB 336 Miller Tax Credit: Teachers Two-year bill
AB 351 Scott Teacher Credentialing Chapter 934
AB 352 Scott Teacher Credentialing Chapter 737
AB 353 Wildman Paraprofessional Teacher Training Chapter 831
AB 354 Mazzoni Class Size Reduction: Evaluation Chapter 244
AB 525 Aroner Healthy Start Grant Extension Chapter 172
AB 530 Higher Ed Education Trust Fund Chapter 851
AB 544 Lempert Paraprofessional Teacher Training Two-year bill
AB 552 Leach Certificated School Employees Chapter 138
AB 670 Mazzoni Class Size Reduction: Teaching Stations Chapter 827
AB 730 Keeley Meals for Needy Pupils: Records Chapter 834
AB 748 Escutia Bilingual-Bicultural Education Chapter 936
AB 751 Escutia Class Size Reduction Program Chapter 285
AB 755 Mazzoni Class Size Reduction K-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act Two-year bill
AB 824 Ducheny Adult Education Two-year bill
AB 861 Ducheny Bilingual Education Vetoed
AB 863 Pringle Remedial Summer Reading Program: Second-Grade Pupils Two-year bill
AB 1001 Torlakson Parental Involvement Two-year bill
AB 1003 Thompson School Safety: Parental Notification Two-year bill
AB 1056 Mazzoni Education Accountability Two-year bill
AB 1162 Havice Grades 9-12: Reading & Writing Enrichment Program Two-year bill
AB 1206 Martinez Use of Bilingual Education Funds Chapter 647
AB 1266 Mazzoni New Teacher Support Chapter 937
AB 1318 Ducheny Higher Education Fees Chapter 853
AB 1428 Havice Class Size Reduction Two-year bill
ACR 6 Torlakson PTA Commemoration Chapter R-6
SB 12 O'Connell Educational Facilities Bond Act Two-year bill
SB 15 Greene Educational Facilities Bond Act Two-year bill
SB 50 O'Connell Class Size Reduction: Grades 9-12 & K-3 Two-year bill
SB 66 Greene Class Size Reduction Chapter 656
SB 190 Alpert Teacher Credentialing: Integrated Curriculum Two-year bill
SB 250 Greene School Facilities Construction Two-year bill
SB 300 Lockyer Education: Quality Guarantee Provisions deleted
SB 316 Hayden Student Academic Partnership Program Chapter 811
SB 345 Polanco Indian Education Centers Two-year bill
SB 376 Alpert Pupil Testing Chapter 828
SB 395 Greene Reading Summer School Two-year bill
SB 534 Karnette Teen Pregnancy Prevention Two-year bill
SB 550 O'Connell Class Size Reduction: Limited Grade Level Schools Chapter 662
SB 669 Vasconcellos Parenting Education Vetoed
SB 708 Greene School Facilities: Relocatable Buildings Chapter 320
SB 727 Rosenthal School Finance: Days of Attendance Chapter 855
SB 804 O'Connell Education: Class Size Reduction Chapter 298
SB 824 Greene Teacher Recruiting Chapter 864
SB 838 Solis Pregnant & Parenting Pupils Two-year bill
SB 893 Lee Mandatory Kindergarten Attendance Two-year bill
SB 1064 Johnston Pregnant & Parenting Pupils Two-year bill
SB 1323 Polanco School Facilities Vetoed
SCA 12 O'Connell School Facilities Bonds Two-year bill
SCR 6 Lockyer Parent Teacher Association Month Chapter R-3

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