1997 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 38 Figueroa Maternity Benefits: 48 Hours Chapter 389
AB 112 Escutia Preventive Children's Health Care Two-year bill
AB 157 Villaraigosa Breastfeeding: Mothers' Rights Chapter 59
AB 221 Goldsmith Child Care Providers: Blood Glucose Testing Chapter 550
AB 480 Knox Sick Leave: Employee's Children Two-year bill
AB 481 Kuehl Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Two-year bill
AB 1112 Gallegos California Health Two-year bill
AB 1126 Villaraigosa Children's Health Care Coverage Chapter 623
AB 1545 Human Services Care Facilities: Medical Services Provisions deleted
AB 1572 Villaraigosa Children's Health Plan Chapter 625
SB 34 Vasconcellos Prenatal Services for Aliens Two-year bill
SB 537 Greene Genetic Diseases: Newborn Screening Two-year bill
SB 555 Watson Infant Hearing Loss: Screening Two-year bill
SB 903 Lee Low-Income Families: Medi-Cal Chapter 624

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