1997 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance
AB 326 Ortiz School-Age Child Care Programs Chapter 917
AB 419 Baca AFDC: Community College Child Care Two-year bill
AB 822 Aroner Cal-Learn: Age Extension Provisions deleted
AB 1501 Aroner Welfare Reform: Child Care Vetoed
AB 1542 Ducheny Welfare Reform Chapter 270
SB 118 Haynes AFDC Eligibility: School Attendance Failed
SB 163 Solis TANF Exemption: Relative Caregivers Provisions deleted See Child Protection
SB 167 Solis TANF: Community College Child Care Two-year bill
SB 505 Johnston GAIN Child Care: Regional Market Rate Dropped
SB 933 Thompson Welfare Reform Two-year bill
SB 934 Thompson Welfare Reform Dropped
SB 1085 Watson AFDC: Small Businesses Two-year bill
SB 1149 Brulte Governor's Welfare Reform: CalTAP Dropped
SB 1185 Solis TANF: Domestic Violence Two-year bill
SB 1232 Watson Welfare Reform: TANF Two-year bill
SB 1276 Health & Human Services Welfare Reform: TANF Program Two-year bill

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