1998 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 215 Baldwin Child Care Tax Credit Dead
AB 278 Escutia Children's Health Protection Vetoed
AB 439 Kuehl Literacy Programs Cleanup Dropped
AB 484 Havice Child Care Tax Credit Dropped
AB 718 Lempert Child Care Eligibility Dead
AB 796 Havice Sex Offender Notification Chapter 927
AB 828 Aroner Second Shift Youth Enrichment Act Dead
AB 855 Mazzoni Class Size Reduction K-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act Failed
AB 933 Figueroa Family Child Care Security Checks: Juvenile Records Dead
AB 1078 Cardoza Sex Offender Notification Chapter 930
AB 1135 Mazzoni Parent Services Project Dead
AB 1381 Thomson Bond Fund Eligibility Vetoed
AB 1418 Ortiz School-Age Literacy Programs Clean-up Chapter 64
AB 1428 Ortiz After School Learning and Safe Neighbohoods Program Chapter 319
AB 1700 Richter Affirmative Action Dead
AB 1722 Cunneen Child Care Reimbursement Rate Dead
AB 1749 Leach Licensing Exemptions: Extended Day Dropped
AB 1820 Honda Foster Care: Child Care Payments Vetoed
AB 1857 Escutia Expansion & Unused Funds Allocation Chapter 655
AB 1870 Kuehl Family Care and Medical Leave Vetoed
AB 1948 Shelley School Pesticide Right to Know Act Dead
AB 2001 Kuehl Employment Agencies: Trustline Chapter 287
AB 2025 Aroner Child Care Compensation Vetoed
AB 2026 Leach Child Care Tax Credit Dead
AB 2061 Granlund Out of County Contracts: Restriction/Park & Recreation Programs Chapter 638
AB 2092 Morrissey Child Care Tax Deduction Failed
AB 2117 Perata Child Care Centers: Employer Waivers Dropped
AB 2151 Pacheco Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act Dead
AB 2203 Washington Deletion of Complaints Dead
AB 2284 Torlakson After School Instructional Program Chapter 318
AB 2332 Ortiz Universal Preschool Dropped
AB 2391 Margett Child Protection Act of 1998 Dropped
AB 2454 Murray CalWORKs: Transportation Provisions deleted
AB 2465 Scott Child Care Capacity Building Chapter 722
AB 2551 Migden Juror Reimbursement Vetoed
AB 2620 Davis English Education Preschool Vetoed
AB 2623 Ortiz Universal Preschool Master Plan Dead
AB 2637 Mazzoni Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Methods Chapter 807
AB 2664 Mazzoni English Education Preschool Pilot Provisions deleted
AB 2668 Wildman Preschool Expansion Dropped
AB 2738 Alquist School Readiness Dead
AB 2748 Mazzoni Age Appropriate Teaching Methods Provisions deleted
AB 2772 Aroner CalWORKs: Welfare-to-Work Chapter 902
AB 2779 Aroner Omnibus Social Services Trailer Bill Chapter 329
AB 2798 Machado Targeted Tax Cuts Chapter 323
ACR 89 Machado National Boys & Girls Club Week Chapter R-18
ACR 155 Lempert Breast Feeding Chapter R-152
SB 309 Watson Child Care Health Linkages Vetoed
SB 831 Karnette Child Care for Working Families Chapter 413
SB 933 Thompson Foster Care Reform/Child Care Chapter 311
SB 1064 Johnston Pregnant & Parenting Pupils Chapter 1078
SB 1522 Rainey Child Care & Development Facilities Chapter 823
SB 1523 Rainey Employer Child Care Tax Credit Dead
SB 1524 Alpert Child Care Centers: Training Chapter 666
SB 1540 Karnette Siting of Community Care Facilities Provisions deleted
SB 1564 Schiff Omnibus Education Trailer Bill Chapter 330
SB 1663 O'Connell Child Care Centers: Inhaled Medication Chapter 625
SB 1756 Lockyer After School Learning and Safe Neighborhoods Program Chapter 320
SB 1815 McPherson Child Care Tax Credit Dead
SB 2088 Watson Family Child Care Training Dead
SB 2089 Watson Child Care Availability: CalWORKs Dropped
SB 2094 Watson CalWORKs Clean-up Failed
SB 2133 Watson Child Care: Health Advocates Dead
SB 2177 Wright CalWORKs: Age Limit for Child Care Vetoed
SB 2222 Watson Sharing Immunization Information Chapter 566
SCA 22 Greene Superintendent of Public Instruction Dead
SCA 23 Greene State Board of Education Dead
SCA 24 Greene Superintendent of Public Instruction Dead

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