1998 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 126 Papan Testimony of Minors Chapter 97
AB 285 Honda Domestic Violence Recognition Vetoed
AB 490 Ashburn Murder of Child Under 14 Dead
AB 696 Aroner Children's Receiving Centers Dead
AB 744 Washington Infants in Entertainment Chapter 239
AB 796 Havice Sex Offender Notification Chapter 927
AB 822 Bowen Abused Children Health Care Vetoed
AB 1077 Cardoza Testimony of Minors Chapter 669
AB 1078 Cardoza Sex Offender Notification Chapter 930
AB 1322 Wright Related Guardians: Subsidies Dead
AB 1392 Scott Private Schools: Criminal Record Check Chapter 594
AB 1632 Ortiz Child Safety & Family Violence Protection Dead
AB 1792 Havice Personal Information: Minors Chapter 763
AB 1793 Runner Libraries: Internet Policy Dead
AB 1803 Lempert Domestic Violence: Child Counseling Chapter 700
AB 1809 Bowen Foster Care: Licensure Removal Dead
AB 1843 Baldwin Stalking of Minors Failed
AB 1886 Thompson Library Video Policy Chapter 462
AB 1900 Cardenas Domestic Violence: Confidentiality Chapter 511
AB 2151 Pacheco Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act Dead
AB 2259 Aguiar Sex Offenders: Disclosure Chapter 959
AB 2316 Knox Child Protective Agencies: Information Chapter 900
AB 2386 Bordonaro Visitation Rights: Murderers Chapter 705
AB 2391 Margett Child Protection Act of 1998 Dropped
AB 2745 Cardoza Visitation Rights: Murderers Chapter 704
AJR 53 Scott Child Pornography: Internet Dead
SB 159 Rainey Foster Care: Placement Dead
SB 165 Solis Unemployment Compensation: Domestic Violence Chapter 411
SB 645 Polanco Child Abuse: Medical Exam/Record Check Chapter 949
SB 1509 Rainey Deadbeat Parent Accountability Act of 1998 Failed
SB 1525 Alpert Home Visit Program Dead
SB 1682 Solis Domestic Violence Chapter 707
SB 1799 Calderon Murder of Child Under 14 Dead
SB 1938 Calderon Children's Privacy Act of 1998 Dead
SB 2031 Lockyer Crimes Against Children Vetoed
SB 2091 Watson Reunification Services: Abductors Chapter 75
SB 2143 Costa Child Death Review Data Dead
SCR 91 Monteith Missing Children's Week Chapter R-66

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