1998 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 285 Honda Domestic Violence Recognition Vetoed
AB 336 Miller Tax Credit: Teachers Dead
AB 385 Goldsmith Home Rule School Districts Dead
AB 544 Lempert Charter Schools Expansion Chapter 34
AB 824 Ducheny Adult Education Dead
AB 855 Mazzoni Class Size Reduction K-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act Failed
AB 1620 Scott Out-of-State Teachers Chapter 547
AB 1626 Wayne Pupil Promotion and Retention Chapter 742
AB 1639 Sweeney Mandatory Summer School Chapter 743
AB 1665 Torlakson Parental Involvement Chapter 864
AB 1674 Pringle Opportunity Scholarships Failed
AB 1700 Richter Affirmative Action Dead
AB 1736 Torlakson Independent Study Cap Exemption Chapter 461
AB 1746 Escutia Class Size Reduction: Facilities Funding Chapter 1033
AB 1763 Mazzoni Reporting Pupil Test Scores Chapter 845
AB 1804 Havice School Volunteers: Criminal Checks Dead
AB 1815 Migden Testing for English Learners Vetoed
AB 1901 Leonard Permanent Class Size Reduction & Educational Opportunities Act Failed
AB 1948 Shelley School Pesticide Right to Know Act Dead
AB 2041 Bustamante Instructional Materials Chapter 312
AB 2078 Mazzoni Class Size Reduction Facilities Funding Dead
AB 2138 McClintock Parent's Bill of Rights in Education Act Dead
AB 2224 Strom-Martin Small Districts: Class Size Reduction Vetoed
AB 2417 Mazzoni Charter Schools Clean-up Chapter 673
AB 2528 Ducheny Work-Study Tutors Chapter 546
AB 2619 Cardenas California Pupil Textbook Guarantee & Lottery Reallocation Act of 1998 Dead
AB 2637 Mazzoni Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Methods Chapter 807
AB 2645 Kuehl Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Sunset Chapter 920
AB 2748 Mazzoni Special Credentials: Reading Competency Chapter 303
SB 50 Greene Class Size Reduction K-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 1998 Chapter 407
SB 345 Polanco Indian Education Centers Chapter 1040
SB 534 Karnette Teen Pregnancy Prevention Dead
SB 893 Lee Mandatory Kindergarten Attendance Dead
SB 1064 Johnston Pregnant & Parenting Pupils Chapter 1078
SB 1370 Polanco Supplemental Reading Instruction Chapter 942
SB 1538 Alpert School Finance Reform Dead
SB 1561 Leslie Public School Accountability Act Vetoed
SB 1564 Schiff Omnibus Education Trailer Bill Chapter 330
SB 1867 Hughes Teachers: Basic Skills Dead
SB 1912 Schiff Staff Development Buy-Out Dead
SB 1932 Johnston Center for Educational Excellence Vetoed
SB 1942 Sher Schools: Least Toxic Pest Management Vetoed
SB 1960 Karnette Charter Schools: Credentialed Teachers Dropped
SB 1972 O'Connell Learning Disability Identification Failed
SB 2138 Vasconcellos Parenting Education Vetoed

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