1998 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 278 Escutia Children's Health Protection Vetoed
AB 481 Kuehl Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Dead
AB 790 Cardenas Prenatal Health Vetoed
AB 822 Bowen Abused Children Health Care Vetoed
AB 1430 Figueroa Healthy Families: Reimbursement Dead
AB 1534 Davis Medically Fragile Children Chapter 891
AB 1621 Figueroa Reconstructive Surgery Coverage Chapter 788
AB 1801 Davis Integrated Children's Services Chapter 509
AB 1870 Kuehl Family Care and Medical Leave Vetoed
AB 2031 Cedillo Noncitizen Eligibility for Services Vetoed
AB 2079 Villaraigosa Healthy Families Copayment Vetoed
AB 2080 Gallegos Healthy Families Program Dead
AB 2171 Villaraigosa Immigrants: Healthy Families Program Vetoed
AB 2260 Honda Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Pilots Dead
AB 2715 Aroner Healthy Families: School Clinics Dead
AJR 65 Villaraigosa Healthy Families Amendment Chapter R-41
SB 34 Vasconcellos Prenatal Services for Aliens Vetoed
SB 537 Greene Genetic Diseases: Newborn Screening Chapter 1011
SB 555 Watson Infant Hearing Loss: Screening Dead
SB 1398 Hayden Healthy Families: Services & Outreach Dead
SB 1663 O'Connell Child Care Centers: Inhaled Medication Chapter 625
SB 1839 Rosenthal Healthy Families Expansion Dead
SB 2222 Watson Sharing Immunization Information Chapter 566

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