1998 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance
AB 194 Wright State Hiring of Welfare Recipients Provisions deleted
AB 1632 Ortiz Child Safety & Family Violence Protection Dead
AB 1724 Richter Foster Care: County Ratesetting Vetoed
AB 1988 Kuehl Dependency Hearings: Foster Parents Vetoed
AB 2043 Goldsmith Foster Care Reimbursement Dead
AB 2304 Runner Foster Care and Adoptive Placement Dead
AB 2454 Murray CalWORKs: Transportation Vetoed
AB 2463 Villaraigosa Food Stamp Program Dead
AB 2598 Aroner Foster Children's Health Care Vetoed
AB 2772 Aroner CalWORKs: Welfare-to-Work Chapter 902
AB 2779 Aroner Omnibus Social Services Trailer Bill Chapter 329
SB 933 Thompson Foster Care Reform/Child Care Chapter 311
SB 1434 Solis Job Training: CalWORKs Openings Dead
SB 1540 Karnette Siting of Community Care Facilities Vetoed
SB 1823 Kelley Foster Care Overpayment Chapter 733
SB 1861 Wright Time Limit Exemptions Dead
SB 1901 McPherson Kinship Guardian Assistance Program Chapter 1055
SB 2094 Watson CalWORKs Clean-up Failed
SB 2177 Wright CalWORKs: Age Limit for Child Care Vetoed
SB 2188 Watson Two-Parent Participation Penalty Dead

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