1999 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 32 Scott Firearms Dealers' Location Child care provisions deleted
AB 105 Alquist Child Care & Development Master Plan Two-year bill
AB 149 Leach Family Choice Child Care Act Child care provisions deleted
AB 153 Cunneen Child Care Reimbursement Rate Two-year bill
AB 177 Papan Children'a Waiting Rooms Chapter 115
AB 181 Zettel Extended Schoolday Pilot Project Chapter 851
AB 212 Aroner Child Care Training & Compensation Program Two-year bill
AB 278 Honda Foster Care: Child Care Payments Two-year bill
AB 401 Strickland Child Care Tax Credit Two-year bill
AB 443 Mazzoni Parent Services Project Two-year bill
AB 458 Zettel Right to Licensing Information Chapter 823
AB 466 Mazzoni Reading Instruction Assessment Chapter 623
AB 487 Margett Fingerprinting Coordination Vetoed
AB 554 Papan Income Eligibility in High-Cost Counties Two-year bill
AB 561 Romero Child Care Health Linkages Program Two-year bill
AB 566 Havice After School Programs in Parks Chapter 108
AB 568 Reyes After School Programs for High Schools Two-year bill
AB 705 Aroner Transportation of Children Chapter 772
AB 855 Cardenas Child Care Loan Programs Chapter 492
AB 910 Washington Unfounded Complaints Provisions deleted
AB 916 Davis Child Development Parent Education Two-year bill
AB 1052 Jackson Child Care Initiative Project Sunset Chapter 548
AB 1056 Steinberg Prestart Pilot Programs Two-year bill
AB 1061 McClintock Child Health Programs Elimination Two-year bill
AB 1111 Aroner Social Services Budget Trailer Chapter 147
AB 1115 Strom-Martin Education Budget Trailer Chapter 78
AB 1154 Torlakson School Safety/After School Programs Chapter 872
AB 1174 Frusetta Child Care Tax Credit Two-year bill
AB 1319 Correa EISS Reauthorization Chapter 955
AB 1594 Florez Hepatitis A Vaccinations Two-year bill
AB 1600 Assembly Education Education Clean-up Chapter 646
AB 1645 Assembly Agriculture Agricultural Education Chapter 965
AB 1659 Assembly Human Services Fingerprinting Exemptions Chapter 881
ACR 74 Lowenthal Year of the Child Two-year bill
SB 55 O'Connell Department of Education Funding Chapter 37
SB 119 Ortiz After School Program Expansion Vetoed
SB 156 Figueroa California Early Start Revisions Vetoed
SB 259 Wright CalWORKs: Child Care Age Limit Vetoed
SB 277 Ortiz Universal Preschool Failed
SB 347 Alpert Children, Youth & Families Commission Two-year bill
SB 356 Hughes School Notice of Leave Two-year bill
SB 541 Johnston Cal-SAFE Clean-up Two-year bill
SB 549 Ortiz Employer/Financing Child Care Tax Credit Two-year bill
SB 568 Alarcón Strategic Plan for Foundations of Learning Success (0-6 Years) Two-year bill
SB 618 Chesbro Fingerprinting Fee Exemptions Chapter 934
SB 624 Schiff Preschool Reading Guidelines Dropped
SB 741 Alpert Chickenpox Vaccinations Chapter 747
SB 773 Alarcón After School Program Pilots, 9-12 Grade Two-year bill
SB 845 Escutia Child Care Master Plan Two-year bill
SB 879 Speier Child Care Funding Distribution Vetoed
SB 925 Vasconcellos Child Care Master Plan Two-year bill
SB 938 Solis Alternative Payment Programs Revisions Chapter 882
SB 967 Perata Child Care Expansion Grant Program Two-year bill
SB 1149 Speier Family Care and Medical Leave Two-year bill
SB 1199 Costa Trustline Clearance for Relatives Provisions deleted
SB 1249 Escutia Alternative Payment Programs: Family Services Child care provisions deleted
SCR 37 Costa California's Legislators Go Back to School Chapter R-74

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