1999 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection
AB 128 Granlund Fingerprinting for Bus Drivers Chapter 229
AB 226 Runner Child Abuse Interviews Two-year bill
AB 235 Kuehl Youth Violence Prevention Authority Two-year bill
AB 558 Jackson Domestic Violence Education Vetoed
AB 578 Honda Domestic Violence Recognition Two-year bill
AB 646 Bates Missing Children: School Records Chapter 832
AB 840 Kuehl Child Custody: Domestic Violence Chapter 445
AB 1067 Margett Teacher Convictions: Other States Chapter 710
AB 1085 Robert Pacheco Drug-Free Family Mobilehome Park Act Two-year bill
AB 1142 Soto Firearms: Criminal Storage Vetoed
AB 1241 Rod Pacheco Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act Two-year bill
AB 1366 Machado School Violence Response and Intervention Act Two-year bill
SB 6 Rainey Missing Children Chapter 579
SB 80 Hayden Sherrice Iverson Child Protection Act Provisions deleted
SB 208 Polanco Child Abuse: Evidence Chapter 417
SB 372 Solis Crimes Against Children Provisions deleted
SB 525 Polanco Child Death Review Coordination Chapter 1012
SB 570 Alarcón School Safety: Disruptions, Threats, Missing Children Chapter 1013
SB 643 Alpert Proposition 10 Matching Grant Program Two-year bill
SB 647 Rainey Multidisciplinary Interview Centers Two-year bill
SB 674 Ortiz Child Abuse: Statute of Limitations Chapter 120
SB 792 Ortiz Child Abuse: Child Custody Chapter 985
SB 924 Vasconcellos Child Abuse: Family Conferencing Two-year bill
SB 965 Leslie Criminal Records: School Volunteers Chapter 476
SB 968 Ortiz Domestic Violence Cross-Reference Two-year bill
SB 1038 Monteith Expulsion: Same School as Victim Provisions deleted
SB 1199 Costa Child Abusers: Release Notification Chapter 957
SR 13 Leslie Media Violence Adopted

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