1999 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 32 Scott Firearms Dealers' Location Two-year bill
AB 33 Soto Parent/Teacher Involvement Program Chapter 734
AB 90 Runner Kindergarten Age of Entry Dropped
AB 133 Strom-Martin Class Size Reduction: Small Schools Vetoed
AB 294 Leonard Transfer Empowerment for Children Act Dropped
AB 513 Mazzoni Kindergarten Age of Entry Two-year bill
AB 537 Kuehl Sexual Orientation Discrimination Chapter 587
AB 558 Jackson Domestic Violence Education Vetoed
AB 568 Reyes After school Programs for High Schools Two-year bill
AB 910 Washington School Library Materials Chapter 962
AB 1026 Mazzoni English Language Learners: Instruction Vetoed
AB 1059 Ducheny Teacher Requirements: English Language Learners Chapter 711
AB 1067 Margett Teacher Convictions: Other States Chapter 710
AB 1113 Florez School Safety Chapter 51
AB 1114 Steinberg Low-Performing Schools Incentives Chapter 52
AB 1115 Strom-Martin Education Budget Trailer Chapter 78
AB 1116 Ducheny English Language Learners Chapter 71
AB 1117 Calderon Beginning Teacher Salaries Chapter 53
AB 1136 Strom-Martin Classroom Telephones Chapter 709
AB 1154 Torlakson School Safety/After School Programs Chapter 872
AB 1207 Shelley Environmental Hazards Vetoed
AB 1319 Correa EISS Reauthorization Chapter 955
AB 1366 Machado School Violence Response and Intervention Act Two-year bill
AB 1573 Strom-Martin Schoolbus Safety Chapter 647
AB 1645 Assembly Agriculture Agricultural Education Chapter 965
ABX 1 Villaraigosa California Mentor Peer Review and Assistance Program for Teachers Chapter 1X-4
ABX 2 Mazzoni Reading Development Chapter 1X-2
ABX 27 Leach Basic Skills Proficiency Test Chapter 1X-5
SB 55 O'Connell Department of Education Funding Chapter 37
SB 305 Vasconcellos Parenting Education Vetoed
SB 306 Hayden Parent Involvement Grants Two-year bill
SB 327 Schiff Reading Assessment Two-year bill
SB 343 Hughes Family-School Partnerships Vetoed
SB 434 Johnston Charter Schools Chapter 162
SB 452 Schiff Classroom Library Purchase Act Two-year bill
SB 541 Johnston Cal-SAFE Clean-up Two-year bill
SB 571 Alarcón Families for Literacy Program Vetoed
SB 638 Alpert English Proficiency Assessment Chapter 678
SB 867 Poochigian Special Education: Reading Skills Vetoed
SB 993 Hayden Schools: Environmental Contamination Vetoed
SB 1038 Monteith Expulsion: Same School as Victim Provisions deleted
SB 1295 Perata Teacher Paraprofessional Training Program Two-year bill
SBX 1 Alpert Education Accountability Chapter 1X-3
SBX 2 O'Connell High School Exit Examination Chapter 1X-1
SCR 29 Alpert Committee for Education Master Plan Chapter R-43

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