1999 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance
AB 65 Ducheny Indian Child Welfare Act Chapter 275
AB 196 Kuehl Child Support Reform Chapter 478
AB 472 Aroner Child Support Hearings Chapter 803
AB 575 Aroner Foster Care: Juvenile Offenders Chapter 997
AB 607 Aroner Foster Children's Health Care Services Vetoed
AB 658 Washington Foster Care: Continued Eligibility Provisions deleted
AB 673 Honda Supervised Visitation and Exchange Chapter 1004
AB 686 Aroner Foster Care: Emancipation Two-year bill
AB 740 Steinberg Permanency Hearings: Sibling Groups Chapter 805
AB 1111 Aroner Social Services Budget Trailer Chapter 147
AB 1225 Ashburn Foster Care Rate Increase Provisions deleted
AB 1235 Ashburn Foster Care Rate Increase Two-year bill
AB 1518 Soto CalWORKs: Coordinated Services Chapter 919
AB 1659 Assembly Human Services Fingerprinting/Foster Care Chapter 881
SB 147 Alpert Foster Care: Extended Medi-Cal Eligibility Two-year bill
SB 259 Wright CalWORKs: Child Care Age Limit Vetoed
SB 518 Schiff Dependency Placements Chapter 346
SB 543 Bowen Foster Care Health and Education Chapter 552
SB 659 Wright CalWORKs: Drug Convictions Vetoed
SB 668 Sher Uniform Child Custody Act Chapter 867
SB 887 Ortiz Group Home Fraud Vetoed
SB 903 McPherson Kin-GAP Expansion Vetoed
SB 955 Escutia Foster Care: Teaming with Biological Family Chapter 634
SB 1249 Escutia CalWORKs: Education and Services Vetoed

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