2000 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 25MazzoniKindergarten Age of EntryChapter 1022
AB 29Robert PachecoViolent Pupils: NotificationChapter 345
AB 32ScottFirearms Dealers' LocationProvisions deleted
AB 280ZettelSpeed Limit in School Zones
AB 513MazzoniKindergarten Age of EntryDead
AB 568ReyesAfter School Programs for High SchoolsProvisions deleted
AB 615RunnerCategorical Programs FlexibilityChapter 369
AB 632RomeroEmergency Credential: Resident TuitionChapter 949
AB 800WashingtonWeapons: Anonymous ReportingChapter 265
AB 877ScottOut-of-State TeachersChapter 703
AB 908AlquistGender Equity TrainingChapter 459
AB 961SteinbergChallenged-School Teacher Attraction and RetentionProvisions deleted
AB 1307GranlundSchoolbus CertificatesVetoed
AB 1366MachadoSchool Violence Response and Intervention ActProvisions deleted
AB 1390HaviceBullying Prevention Grant ProgramVetoed
AB 1608Strom-MartinSmall Schools: Class Size ReductionDead
AB 1704ReyesAfter School Youth ProgramsProvisions deleted
AB 1710DuchenyInitiative for TeachingDead
AB 1736DuchenyRetired Teachers: Remedial EducationChapter 959
AB 1780WashingtonPlayground WorkersVetoed
AB 1906LongvilleHate Violence Prevention GuidelinesDead
AB 1917JacksonDomestic Violence EducationDead
AB 1926LeonardClass Size Reduction ExpansionFailed
AB 1941WrightProfessional Development InstitutesDropped
AB 1945LowenthalTeacher Tolerance TrainingChapter 960
AB 1031ShelleyPeer Program GrantsDead
AB 2014RunnerEvaluation of Joint-Use Library ProjectsVetoed
AB 2017Strom-MartinStaff Development Days, Parent-Teacher ConferencesDead
AB 2060SteinbergExtra Credit Teacher Home Purchase ProgramChapter 331
AB 2183CampbellClass Size Reduction ExpansionDead
AB 2223LeachIntegrated Demonstration ProgramDead
AB 2224MazzoniReading Problems: DiagnosisDead
AB 2260ShelleyHealthy Schools Act of 2000Chapter 718
AB 2556HertzbergAfter School ProgramsDead
AB 2558HertzbergSenior Volunteer PilotChapter 597
AB 2831AlquistSchool Finance RestructuringVetoed
AB 2872Shelley Environmental Protection Trailer BillChapter 144
AB 2879JacksonTeacher Tax CreditChapter 75
AB 2880CalderonElimination of Deficit FactorChapter 76
AB 2881WrightProfessional Development InstitutesChapter 77
AB 2882ReyesEducation Technology GrantsChapter 78
ACR 26VillaraigosaRedirect VLF Offset to EducationDead
AJR 40WildmanSpecial Education FundingChapter R-87
SB 306HaydenParent Involvement GrantsDead
SB 327SchiffReading AssessmentDead
SB 356HughesSchool Notice of LeaveDropped
SB 452SchiffClassroom Library Purchase ActDropped
SB 504KnightViolent Pupils: NotificationDead
SB 541JohnstonCal-SAFE Clean-upChapter 1057
SB 573AlarcónHard to Staff Schools: TrainingChapter 986
SB 773AlarcónAfter School Program Pilots, 9-12 GradeDead
SB 871EscutiaClass Size Reduction: FacilitiesChapter 749
SB 1295PerataTeacher Paraprofessional Training ProgramDropped
SB 1326HaydenHuman Relations Curriculum Hate Crimes ReportingDead
SB 1348VasconcellosParenting EducationVetoed
SB 1390MurrayVisual & Performing Arts Content StandardsChapter 432
SB 1438RaineySchool Supplies Tax CreditDropped
SB 1439AlpertModel Native American Curriculum GrantsVetoed
SB 1440RaineySchool Safety and Violence Protection ActDead
SB 1470SherClass Size Reduction: Average Class SizeDead
SB 1514Genetically Engineered Foods: Parents' Right To KnowVetoed
SB 1527HughesTeacher Preparation: Joint Integrated ProgramDead
SB 1631HaydenSchools: Environmental StandardsDead
SB 1632HaydenSchool Report CardChapter 996
SB 1643O'ConnellBeginning Teacher SalariesChapter 69
SB 1644OrtizCal-Grant EntitlementChapter 403
SB 1666AlarcónTeacher Recruitment and IncentivesChapter70
SB 1667AlpertEducation Trailer BillChapter 71
SB 1683EscutiaSupplemental EducationChapter 72
SB 1688PolancoStudent IncentivesChapter 404
SB 1689EscutiaAdvanced Placement Challenge ProgramChapter 73
SB 1733KnightProfessional Growth: First AidChapter 283
SB 1843SolisSpecial Education: Withholding of FundsChapter 286
SB 1938SpeierLearning Disabilities: Identification and InstructionDead
SB 2186SotoClass Space Shortage Alleviation ActVetoed
SB 2192SotoEnglish Language Learner Teacher CoachesVetoed

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