2000 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 13OtherAB 2556(cont.) Education
AB 25Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 2558Education
AB 2593Child Care & Preschool
AB 29EducationAB 2597Child Care & Preschool
AB 32Child Safety, and
AB 2623Child Care & Preschool, and
Public Assistance
AB 105Child Care & PreschoolAB 2631Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 153Child Care & Preschool
AB 212Child Care & PreschoolAB 2778Child Care & Preschool
AB 226Child ProtectionAB 2831Education
AB 235Child ProtectionAB 2871Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 278Child Care & PreschoolAB 2872Education, and
Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 280Child Safety, and
AB 2876Child Care & Preschool
AB 401Child Care & PreschoolAB 2877Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 443Child Care & PreschoolAB 2879Education
AB 480Child Care & PreschoolAB 2880Education
AB 513Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 2881Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 554Child Care & PreschoolAB 2882Education
AB 561Child Care & PreschoolAB 2907Child Care & Preschool
AB 568Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 2921Public Assistance
ACR 26Education
AB 578Child ProtectionACR 74Other
AB 610Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesAJR 40Education
AB 615EducationSB 82Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 632EducationSB 92Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 686Public AssistanceSB 118Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 800Child Protection, and
SB 147Public Assistance
SB 306Education
AB 866Public AssistanceSB 327Education
AB 877EducationSB 347Child Care & Preschool
AB 908EducationSB 356Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 916Child Care & Preschool
AB 946NutritionSB 376Child Care & Preschool
AB 961EducationSB 452Education
AB 1015Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 504Education
AB 1031EducationSB 541Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 1035Child Protection
AB 1056Child Care & PreschoolSB 567Child Safety
AB 1061Child Care & Preschool, and
Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
SB 568Child Care & Preschool
SB 573Education
AB 1085Child ProtectionSB 582Child Care & Preschool
AB 1174Child Care & PreschoolSB 643Child Protection
AB 1235Child Care & Preschool, and
Public Assistance
SB 647Child Protection
SB 773Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 1241Child Protection
AB 1255Public AssistanceSB 845Child Care & Preschool
AB 1307EducationSB 871Education
AB 1366Child Protection, and
SB 924Child Protection
SB 925Child Care & Preschool
AB 1390EducationSB 967Child Care & Preschool
AB 1422Child ProtectionSB 968Child Protection
AB 1447Child ProtectionSB 1004Child Care & Preschool
AB 1594Child Care & Preschool, and
Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
SB 1149Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
SB 1173Public Assistance
AB 1608EducationSB 1295Education
AB 1704Child Care & Preschool, and
SB 1326Education
SB 1341Child Protection
AB 1710EducationSB 1348Education
AB 1711Child SafetySB 1352Public Assistance
AB 1715Child SafetySB 1361Child Protection
AB 1721Child Care & PreschoolSB 1363Child Protection
AB 1730Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 1368Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 1736EducationSB 1390Education
AB 1764Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 1421Child Care & Preschool
AB 1780EducationSB 1438Education
AB 1785Child ProtectionSB 1439Education
AB 1789Child ProtectionSB 1440Child Protection, and
AB 1814Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 1826Child ProtectionSB 1443Child Care & Preschool
AB 1844Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 1452Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 1854Child Care & PreschoolSB 1470Education
AB 1906EducationSB 1514Education, and
AB 1910Other
AB 1917EducationSB 1527Education
AB 1923Child Care & PreschoolSB 1611Public Assistance
AB 1926EducationSB 1619Child Care & Preschool
AB 1932Child Care & PreschoolSB 1631Education, and
Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 1941Child Care & Preschool, and
SB 1632Education
AB 1945EducationSB 1643Education
AB 1974Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 1644Education
AB 1986Child Care & PreschoolSB 1661Child Care & Preschool
AB 1987Public AssistanceSB 1666Education
AB 1988Child ProtectionSB 1667Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 1995Public Assistance
AB 2011Child Care & PreschoolSB 1683Education
AB 2014EducationSB 1688Education
AB 2017EducationSB 1689Education
AB 2021Child ProtectionSB 1703Child Care & Preschool
AB 2037Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 1715Child Protection
AB 2053Child SafetySB 1716Child Protection
AB 2060EducationSB 1733Education
AB 2068Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 1784Child Protection
AB 2097Child Care & PreschoolSB 1843Education
AB 2160Child Care & PreschoolSB 1888Other
AB 2164Child Care & PreschoolSB 1896Public Assistance
AB 2183EducationSB 1907Child Care & Preschool
AB 2185Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 1938Education
AB 2210Public AssistanceSB 1946Public Assistance
AB 2223EducationSB 1948Child Care & Preschool
AB 2224EducationSB 1951Child Protection
AB 2258Child Care & Preschool, and
Public Assistance
SB 1992Child Care & Preschool
SB 2005Child Care & Preschool
AB 2260Education, and
Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
SB 2013Nutrition
SB 2014Child Care & Preschool
AB 2299Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 2016Child Care & Preschool
AB 2307Public AssistanceSB 2112Nutrition
AB 2315Child SafetySB 2150Child Care & Preschool
AB 2316Child SafetySB 2157Public Assistance
AB 2342Child ProtectionSB 2160Public Assistance
AB 2415Health, Mental Health & DisabilitiesSB 2161Child Protection
AB 2417NutritionSB 2183Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 2431Child Care & PreschoolSB 2185Child Safety
AB 2433Public AssistanceSB 2186Child Care & Preschool, and
AB 2453Public Assistance
AB 2466Child Care & PreschoolSB 2188Child Care & Preschool
AB 2486Child Care & PreschoolSB 2192Education
AB 2504Child Care & PreschoolSCR 57Child Protection
AB 2556Child Care & Preschool, and

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