2001 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 6CardenasBefore and After School ProgramsChapter 545
AB 83RunnerCriminal Background Check DisclosureDropped
AB 85WashingtonChild Care: Religious OrganizationsTwo-year bill
AB 106CedilloState Earned Income Tax CreditTwo-year bill
AB 149ZettelTeacher Tax Credit: Pre-K through Adult EdTwo-year bill
AB 297KehoeBefore and After School ProgramsChapter 453
AB 298SteinbergAfter School Program ExpansionTwo-year bill
AB 383ChanChild Care Health Linkages ProgramProvisions deleted
AB 396PapanEligibility for State-Subsidized Child CareTwo-year bill
AB 463VargasHome-Based Parent Education ProgramsTwo-year bill
AB 685WayneFamily Child Care: Increased VisitsChapter 679
AB 753BriggsCounty CalWORKs Incentives: After School ProgramsTwo-year bill
AB 847La SuerDependent Care Tax CreditTwo-year bill
AB 866DiazEmployers Child Care Tax CreditChapter 650
AB 1102LeachChild Care: Fiscal ResponsibilityTwo-year bill
AB 1105SimitianFoster Care: Child Care ReimbursementTwo-year bill
AB 1107LeachEducation: Reporting RequirementsChapter 750
AB 1146ChanGovernor's School Readiness InitiativeTwo-year bill
AB 1257CardenasChild Care Facilities for Low-Income Families Tax CreditTwo-year bill
AB 1302EducationKindergarten Readiness Pilot ProgramChapter 394
AB 1354PescettiPneumococcus VaaccinationTwo-year bill
AB 1358PescettiChild Care: Inconclusive ComplaintsTwo-year bill
AB 1525LiuAlternate Payment Programs: More Than 75% of Children at a FacilityTwo-year bill
AB 1539PavleyPreschool Transfer ActChapter 629
AB 1568AronerParent Services ProjectTwo-year bill
AB 1634ChanChild Care Diversity TrainingTwo-year bill
SB 248OrtizSchool Readiness ProgramTwo-year bill
SB 308EscutiaChild Care for All Eligible Children Over the Next Five YearsTwo-year bill
SB 390EscutiaChild Care and Development Master PlanTwo-year bill
SB 541ScottChild Care Family Support and Accountability ActTwo-year bill
SB 549KarnetteEastview Child Care Attendance SelectionTwo-year bill
SB 611SpeierJoint Use FacilityTwo-year bill
SB 681FigueroaChild Care Workers: Health Care CoverageTwo-year bill
SB 742EscutiaChild Care Loan FundsChapter 118
SB 793BattinChild Care Facilities: Notice of ConvictionsTwo-year bill
SB 819JohnsonChild Care: Reopening InvestigationsChapter 378
SB 895FigueroaChild Care and Development Facilities Loan FundsTwo-year bill
SB 955AlpertAfter School ModificationsProvisions deleted
SB 993FigueroaEarly Care and Education ActTwo-year bill
SB 1191SpeierReporting RequirementsChapter 745

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