2001 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Health, Mental Health & Disabilities
AB 59CedilloSchool Lunch Program and Medi-Cal EligibilityChapter 894
AB 182VargasHepatitis A VaccinationsTwo-year bill
AB 188VargasSmoking Near Tot LotsChapter 150
AB 318ChanChildren's Hospitals: Joint Powers AgreementsTwo-year bill
AB 430CardenasHealth Trailer BillChapter 171
AB 734ChanChildren and Families Commission: Tobacco Cessation Media ProgramsChapter 322
AB 849PavleySchool Outreach: Healthy Families and Medi-CalTwo-year bill
SB 212OllerMeningitis PreventionChapter 374
SB 276SpeierChildren's Insurance: School OutreachTwo-year bill
SB 279SpeierChildren's Health PlanTwo-year bill
SB 283SpeierHealthy Families: First Month's ContributionTwo-year bill
SB 493SherMedi-Cal and Healthy Families Express Lane EligibilityChapter 897
SB 511AlpertFamily Empowerment Centers on DisabilityChapter 690
SB 1197RomeroAbsence Control PoliciesVetoed
SCR 35PerataChildren's Health Insurance MonthChapter R-104

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