2001 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 49WashingtonYouth Mentoring and Safe Communities Grant ProgramVetoed
AB 127FirebaughYouth Enriched by Sports ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 181KoretzMinimum Wage IncreaseTwo-year bill
AB 314ChanCounties: Surplus PropertyChapter 18
AB 470WessonMale Involvement ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 973ChanChildren and Families Commissions: ConfidentialityChapter 214
AB 1626PescettiSafe Alternatives and Violence EducationVetoed
SB 101BrulteAbandonment of Newborns: Awareness CampaignVetoed
SB 188HaynesCharitable Choice ActTwo-year bill
SB 359MurrayState Urban Parks and Healthy Communities ActChapter 877
SB 515AlpertCalifornia Council on Youth PolicyVetoed
SB 903Elections & ReapportionmentVoters Accompanied By ChildrenChapter 104

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