2002 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Care & Preschool
AB 85WashingtonChild Care Religious OrganizationsDead
AB 106CedilloState Earned Income Tax CreditDead
AB 149ZettelTeacher Tax Credit: Pre-K Through Adult EdDead
AB 298SteinbergAfter School Program ExpansionDead
AB 396PapanEligibility for State-Subsidized Child CareDropped
AB 444Budget CommitteeOmnibus Human Services Trailer BillChapter 1022
AB 463VargasHome Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)Dead
AB 634WessonMandatory KindergartenVetoed
AB 753BriggsCounty CalWORKs Incentives: After School ProgramsDropped
AB 847La SuerDependent Care Tax CreditDropped
AB 1102LeachChild Care: Fiscal ResponsibilityDead
AB 1105SimitianFoster Care: Child Care ReimbursementDropped
AB 1146ChanGovernor's School Readiness InitiativeProvisions deleted
AB 1257CardenasChild Care Facilities for Low-Income Families Tax CreditDead
AB 1354PescettiPneumococcus VaccinationDropped
AB 1358PescettiChild Care: Inspection RestrictionsChapter 122
AB 1525LiuAlternate Payment Programs: More than 75% of Children at a FacilityDead
AB 1545FlorezCriminal Record Exemptions: DisclosureDead
AB 1568AronerParent Services ProjectDead
AB 1634ChanChild Care Diversity TrainingDropped
AB 1818Education CommitteeOmnibus Education BillChapter 1168
AB 1984SteinbergAfter School Programs: High SchoolChapter 1025
AB 2024NakanoAfter School: Nutrition EducationChapter 646
AB 2255WrightChild Care: Activity SpaceFailed
AB 2282La SuerDrug Treatment: Prohibited LocationsDropped
AB 2311ChuLocal Planning Council RevisionsChapter 435
AB 2324DiazAfter School: Hours of OperationChapter 495
AB 2415KeeleyMedi-Cal: Food Stamp EligibilityDead
AB 2453SteinbergPreschool Education ProjectsDropped
AB 2470JacksonChildren's Hearsay EvidenceChapter 707
AB 2555LeachChild Care: Fiscal ResponsibilityChapter 142
AB 2556LeachInterdistrict Transfers: Child CareDead
AB 2736ChanChildren's Mental Health: Major CrisesDead
AB 2741ChanSchool Readiness and Health CouncilVetoed
AB 2785OropezaEducation Funding Clean-upChapter 444
AB 2800ChanProp. 10: School ReadinessChapter 245
AB 2811MigdenChild Development Grant ProgramChapter 659
AB 2874FlorezUnlicensed Family Child CareVetoed
AB 2954SimitianGeneral Plans: Child Care FacilitiesVetoed
AB 3008Budget CommitteeEducation FundingChapter 99
AB 3047Human Services CommitteeChild Restraint System: SignChapter 350
AB 3049Health CommitteeDrop-in Centers: ImmunizationsChapter 536
SB 248OrtizSchool Readiness ProgramDropped
SB 308EscutiaChild Care for All Eligible Children Over the Next Five YearsDropped
SB 390EscutiaChild Care and Development Master PlanVetoed
SB 508VasconcellosEducation Technical Clean-upChapter 42
SB 541ScottChild Care Family Support and Accountability ActDead
SB 549KarnetteEastview Child Care Attendance SelectionDropped
SB 611SpeierJoint Use FacilityDropped
SB 681FigueroaChild Care Workers: Health Care CoverageDropped
SB 793BattinChild Care Facilities: Notice of ConvictionsDropped
SB 993FigueroaEarly Care and Education ActProvisions deleted
SB 1095EscutiaCriminal Background ClearancesDropped
SB 1260EscutiaChemical or Biological Attack: ChildrenDead
SB 1335DunnCriminal Record Exemptions: DisclosureDead
SB 1376MargettSex Offenders: Residence RestrictionFailed
SB 1478McPhersonAfter School Programs: High SchoolChapter 1036
SB 1499JohnsonChild Care Investigations: Clean-upChapter 353
SB 1596ScottChild Care AccountabilityDead
SB 1724SpeierChild Care Tax CreditChapter 824
SB 1735KarnetteVictims of Crime: Child Care ReimbursementChild care provisions deleted
SB 1830PeaceEducation FundingDead
SBXXX 1Peace2001-02 Budget ReductionsChapter 3X-1
SJR 42EscutiaChild Care and Development Block GrantChapter R-109

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