2002 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 9ChavezSchool Volunteers: Criminal Background CheckDead
AB 14GoldbergSchool Facilities Bonds: Charter SchoolsChapter 935
AB 16HertzbergKindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond ActChapter 33/
Proposition 47
AB 47CardenasSchoolsite Parent CentersDropped
AB 51ShelleySchools: Lead ContaminationDropped
AB 65Strom-MartinReading First PlanChapter 730
AB 200RunnerPublic School ConstructionDead
AB 301Strom-MartinStaff Development DaysDead
AB 320ReyesPortable Classrooms: ExitsChapter 634
AB 320ReyesSupplemental Programs: TransportationDropped
AB 323PavleyExtended Day Kindergarten ProgramsDropped
AB 342Strom-MartinSchool Leadership Innovation GrantsDead
AB 354HaviceSchool Security OfficersDead
AB 481FirebaughSchools: Diabetic AssistanceVetoed
AB 520KoretzFull Day KindergartenProvisions deleted
AB 615CalderonPupil Motivation and MaintenanceDead
AB 634WessonMandatory KindergartenVetoed
AB 1095WrightEye ExaminationsDead
AB 1239AlquistReach Out and ReadDead
AB 1781HertzbergInstructional MaterialsChapter 802
AB 1793MigdenPhysical Education: RequirementsChapter 943
AB 1817LeslieMinute of SilenceDead
AB 1859PapanSpecial Education: Suspension/ExpulsionChapter 492
AB 1888DaucherClass Size ReductionDead
AB 1895WrightTeachers: Special Education AssistanceChapter 944
AB 1901CohnPupil ExpulsionChapter 643
AB 1994ReyesCharter School RevisionsChapter 1025
AB 2160GoldbergCollective Bargaining: Education PolicyDead
AB 2198LowenthalSchool Violent Crime: NotificationChapter 735
AB 2212AlquistPupil Data PortfoliosVetoed
AB 2236ChuPupil RightsDead
AB 2269HortonSubstitute Teacher TrainingVetoed
AB 2503DiazCharter Schools: LocationDead
AB 2532Rod PachecoBackpack WeightChapter 1096
AB 2593Rod PachecoSchool IntrudersChapter 343
AB 2681MaldonadoPupil Activity Buses: RestraintsChapter 360
AB 2781OropezaOmnibus Education Trailer BillChapter 1167
AB 2817MaddoxSex Education: Newborn AbandonmentChapter 1099
SB 21EscutiaSchool Lead Hazard AbatementChapter 1075
SB 115HaynesSchool Facilities FinancingDead
SB 280SotoEnglish Language Learner Teacher Coaching ProgramDead
SB 391McPhersonCredentialed School Nurse ConsultantDead
SB 398SpeierConflict Resolution CurriculumDead
SB 466OrtizLow-Performing Schools InitiativeDead
SB 811O'ConnellRespect for Humans and AnimalsDead
SB 1250VincentRetired Teachers: Basic SkillsVetoed
SB 1253FigueroaPagers & Cell Phones at SchoolChapter 253
SB 1289HaynesPsychotropic Drugs: Pupil UseProvisions deleted
SB 1310AlpertState-Monitored SchoolsChapter 1035
SB 1405O'ConnellParaprofessional AssessmentChapter 1080
SB 1453AlpertLongitudinal Pupil AchievementChapter 1002
SB 1543McPhersonBaldrige Pilot ProgramDead
SB 1595EscutiaEnglish Language LearnersChapter 1037
SB 1632PerataSchools: Sun ScreenChapter 266
SB 1646AlpertElementary Education CredentialDead
SB 1656ScottSex Offenders: TeachingChapter 471
SB 1667VasconcellosSchool Safety PlansChapter 506
SB 2083PolancoEnglish Learner Federal ConformityChapter 1014
SCR 92AlpertMaster Plan for Education CommitteeChapter R-156

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