2002 Master Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 9EducationAB 2453Child Care and Preschool
AB 14EducationAB 2455Child Safety
AB 16EducationAB 2462Child Protection & Child Abuse Prevention
AB 40Child Protection & Child Abuse PreventionAB 2470Child Care and Preschool
AB 41Child Protection & Child Abuse PreventionAB 2503Education
AB 47EducationAB 2532Education
AB 51EducationAB 2555Child Care and Preschool
AB 65EducationAB 2556Child Care and Preschool
AB 85Child Care and PreschoolAB 2593Education
AB 106Child Care and PreschoolAB 2668Child Safety
AB 127OtherAB 2672Child Protection & Child Abuse Prevention
AB 141Child Protection & Child Abuse PreventionAB 2681Education
AB 149Child Care and PreschoolAB 2736Child Care and Preschool
AB 151Child Protection & Child Abuse PreventionAB 2741Child Care and Preschool
AB 181OtherAB 2781Education
AB 182Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesAB 2785Child Care and Preschool
AB 200EducationAB 2800Child Care and Preschool
AB 287NutritionAB 2811Child Care and Preschool
AB 298Child Care and PreschoolAB 2817Education
AB 301EducationAB 2874Child Care and Preschool
AB 318Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesAB 2954Child Care and Preschool
AB 320EducationAB 3008Child Care and Preschool
AB 320EducationAB 3047Child Care and Preschool
AB 323EducationAB 3049Child Care and Preschool
AB 342EducationAJR 53Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 354EducationSB 21Education
AB 364Public Assistance & Foster CareSB 115Education
AB 396Child Care and PreschoolSB 120Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 415Child Protection & Child Abuse PreventionSB 188Other
AB 442Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 217Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 444Child Care and Preschool &
Public Assistance & Foster Care
SB 248Child Care and Preschool
SB 249Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 461Child Protection & Child Abuse PreventionSB 276Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 463Child Care and PreschoolSB 279Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 470OtherSB 280Education
AB 481EducationSB 283Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 520EducationSB 308Child Care and Preschool
AB 615EducationSB 390Child Care and Preschool
AB 634Child Care and Preschool
& Education
SB 391Education
SB 398Education
AB 681Public Assistance & Foster CareSB 426Child Protection & Child Abuse Prevention
AB 753Child Care and PreschoolSB 466Education
AB 847Child Care and PreschoolSB 508Child Care and Preschool
AB 849Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 541Child Care and Preschool
AB 892Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 549Child Care and Preschool
AB 1095EducationSB 606Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1102Child Care and PreschoolSB 611Child Care and Preschool
AB 1105Child Care and PreschoolSB 681Child Care and Preschool
AB 1146Child Care and PreschoolSB 793Child Care and Preschool
AB 1219Child SafetySB 811Education
AB 1239EducationSB 993Child Care and Preschool
AB 1257Child Care and PreschoolSB 1038Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1330Public Assistance & Foster CareSB 1095Child Care and Preschool
AB 1354Child Care and PreschoolSB 1096Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1358Child Care and PreschoolSB 1250Education
AB 1525Child Care and PreschoolSB 1253Education
AB 1545Child Care and PreschoolSB 1260Child Care and Preschool &
Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1568Child Care and Preschool
AB 1634Child Care and PreschoolSB 1264Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 1634NutritionSB 1289Education
AB 1781EducationSB 1290Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1793EducationSB 1310Education
AB 1807Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 1312Child Protection & Child Abuse Prevention
AB 1816Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 1324Child Protection & Child Abuse Prevention
AB 1817EducationSB 1335Child Care and Preschool
AB 1818Child Care and PreschoolSB 1357Other
AB 1830Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 1362Other
AB 1832Public Assistance & Foster CareSB 1376Child Care and Preschool
AB 1859EducationSB 1393Child Safety
AB 1867Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 1405Education
AB 1888EducationSB 1453Education
AB 1895EducationSB 1478Child Care and Preschool
AB 1901EducationSB 1499Child Care and Preschool
AB 1902Child SafetySB 1520Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 1905Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 1543Education
AB 1942OtherSB 1555Child Safety
AB 1984Child Care and PreschoolSB 1595Education
AB 1994EducationSB 1596Child Care and Preschool
AB 2024Child Care and PreschoolSB 1618Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 2116Public Assistance & Foster CareSB 1632Education
AB 2135Health, Mental Health, & DisabilitiesSB 1646Education
AB 2159Child Protection & Child Abuse PreventionSB 1656Education
AB 2160EducationSB 1661Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 2198EducationSB 1667Education
AB 2212EducationSB 1670Child Safety
AB 2236EducationSB 1722Child Protection & Child Abuse Prevention
AB 2255Child Care and PreschoolSB 1724Child Care and Preschool
AB 2263Public Assistance & Foster CareSB 1726Child Safety
AB 2269EducationSB 1735Child Care and Preschool &
Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 2279Child Protection & Child Abuse Prevention
AB 2282Child Care and PreschoolSB 1830Child Care and Preschool
AB 2311Child Care and PreschoolSB 1911Health, Mental Health, & Disabilities
AB 2324Child Care and PreschoolSB 1924Child Safety
AB 2395NutritionSB 2083Education
AB 2415Child Care and PreschoolSBXXX 1Child Care and Preschool
AB 2441Child Protection & Child Abuse PreventionSCR 92Education
AB 2442Child Protection & Child Abuse PreventionSJR 42Child Care and Preschool

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