2002 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 364AronerChild Welfare RatiosChapter 635
AB 444Budget CommitteeOmnibus Human Services Trailer BillChapter 1022
AB 681MountjoyFoster Children: Psychotropic MedicationsDead
AB 1330SteinbergFoster Family Home Provider RatesProvisions deleted
AB 1832Robert PachecoAccess to Privileged InformationDropped
AB 2116AronerFlexible CalWORKs Time LimitsDead
AB 2263KehoeKid's TurnVetoed
AJR 53AronerTANF ReauthorizationChapter R-195
SB 120MurrayUndersecretary of Foster CareDropped
SB 217KuehlCalWORKs: Domestic Violence ResourcesDead
SB 249ChesbroCalWORKs: Family ReunificationDead
SB 1264AlpertCalWORKs: Academic AchievementChapter 439
SB 1618KuehlMarriage License: Domestic Violence FeeDead
SB 1735KarnetteVictims of Crime: Domestic ViolenceChapter 629

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