2006 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 863BassChild Welfare CouncilDead
AB 1298EvansAssistance Programs: ConformityDead
AB 1534BassFoster Care InspectionsDead
AB 1774Committee on
Human Services
Child Welfare Services: Background CheckChapter 726
AB 1795BermúdezLocal Notification of Licensure Applications for Residential FacilitiesVetoed
AB 1982BassCalWORKs: Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment ProgramDead
AB 2031Cohn Dependent childrenVetoed
AB 2161HancockChild Welfare: Resource Family Pilot ProgramChapter 563
AB 2192BassCalWORKs EligibilityVetoed
AB 2193BassChild Welfare Workload ReliefDead
AB 2195BassFoster Caregivers Placement OptionsChapter 383
AB 2205EvansFood Stamp Categorical EligibilityVetoed
AB 2216BassChild Welfare Leadership and Performance Accountability ActChapter 384
AB 2284JonesPublic Health: Foster ChildrenDead
AB 2440KlehsChild Support Employer LiabilityChapter 820
AB 2480EvansLegal Representation for ChildrenChapter 385
AB 2781LenoPrivate Child Support CollectorsChapter 797
AB 2853SalinasDomestic Violence EducationChapter 130
ACR 58ParraFoster Youth RightsChapter 150
SB 202SimitianLong-Term Kinship CareProvisions deleted
SB 1335SotoFoster Homes: Annual VisitsDead
SB 1534AlarconLow Income Programs: Standard ProcessProvisions deleted
SB 1641SotoFoster Care PlacementsChapter 388
SB 1667KuehlDependent Children in Foster CareChapter 389
SB 1688BowenFoster Care Home Instruction PilotDead
SB 1759AshburnCriminal Background ChecksChapter 902

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