2007 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 16HernandezPupil ImmunizationsTwo-year bill
AB 50SotoNell Soto Parent/Teacher Involvement ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 86LieuSchool Food: TransfatDead
AB 88LieuInternet Safety CurriculumTwo-year bill
AB 90LieuSchool Food: Trans FatTwo-year bill
AB 92GarciaPupil Nutrition: School MealsTwo-year bill
AB 143CotoCharter Schools: Community Day PupilsTwo-year bill
AB 168BergSchool Facilities Funding: Minimum Essential FacilitiesTwo-year bill
AB 216BassNonpublic Nonsectarian Special Education MaterialsChapter 382
AB 229StricklandSchools: Prohibited WeaponsTwo-year bill
AB 252CotoLanguage Tests: Dual Immersion ProgramsVetoed
AB 321NavaSpeed Limit Near SchoolsChapter 384
AB 342SaldañaSchool Health Care: Public Health NursesChapter 12
AB 366WolkSchool Funding: Declining EnrollmentTwo-year bill
AB 485SolorioNon-Public Schools: Certification RevocationChapter 233
AB 486De La TorreMultitrack Year-round Schools SchedulingTwo-year bill
AB 590SolorioLimited-English-Proficient Parent InvolvementTwo-year bill
AB 683RunnerKindergarten Entrance AgeTwo-year bill
AB 757Public Employees,
Retirement and
Social Security
Teacher Retirement: PreschoolChapter 323
AB 760CotoSchool NursesTwo-year bill
AB 766WaltersCharter Schools: Field Trip LiabilityChapter 23
AB 774HoustonPhysical Education: Volunteer InstructorsChapter 162
AB 787SotoProhibited Weapons on School GroundsDead
AB 795KeeneSpecial Education Funding: Children's InstitutionsTwo-year bill
AB 834HayashiDental Disease Prevention ProgramVetoed
AB 925HancockAdequate Yearly Progress: ProficiencyTwo-year bill
AB 967NavaFarm Fresh Schools ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 1177SolorioAccelerated English Acquisition and Literacy PilotTwo-year bill
AB 1236MullinKindergarten Entrance Age: Readiness ProgramTwo-year bill
AB 1281SotoCharter Schools: Students with DisabilitiesVetoed
AB 1454RichardsonPeriodic Review of Content StandardsTwo-year bill
AB 1593BlakesleeBackground Checks for School VolunteersTwo-year bill
AB 1663EvansConformance of Special Education with Federal LawChapter 454
ACR 55MullinCharacter Education in Public SchoolsChapter R-145
AJR 23HancockNo Child Left BehindChapter R-215
SB 20TorlaksonCharter SchoolsChapter 215
SB 20TorlaksonIncreased Free and Reduced-Price Meal ReimbursementProvisions deleted
SB 29SimitianElectronic Monitoring of PupilsTwo-year bill
SB 44TorlaksonCalifornia Teacher Cadet ProgramVetoed
SB 80Budget and
Fiscal Review
Education Budget TrailerChapter 174
SB 126HarmanChild Abuse Prevention InstructionTwo-year bill
SB 150FlorezSex Offenders: School Bus StopsProvisions deleted
SB 170DenhamSchool Attendance: District of EmploymentChapter 33
SB 305DuchenyStudent English Learners AssessmentTwo-year bill
SB 345AanestadCharter School AdministrationChapter 524
SB 490AlquistProhibition on Trans Fats in School FoodChapter 648
SB 537SimitianCharter School Oversight CostChapter 650
SB 564Ridley-ThomasPublic School Health Center Support ProgramTwo-year bill
SB 676Ridley-ThomasRequired ImmunizationsTwo-year bill
SB 733TorlaksonInstructional Materials ProgramChapter 304
SB 736CorreaIdentification of Gifted and Talented StudentsTwo-year bill
SB 777KuehlDiscrimination: Student Civil Rights ActChapter 569
SCR 50HarmanHealth Education Standards: Child Abuse and NeglectChapter R-105

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